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Conscious Communication

Healthy Communication

We ALL have negative thoughts……. We ALL have thoughts that we ourselves would rather NOT have, thoughts that make us feel uncomfortable, that we think are horrible. Thing IS……we need […]


Tenacity in Transcendence: the dance of SELF LOVE

Eenergetic Frequency of We

Recently, I mySELF have BEen bombarded with a stream of consciousness that was just NOT letting up. It was highly unusual for me and I simply could NOT comprehend WHY […]


at the end of the day….it’s ALL about LOVE

ANY negative thoughts, fear based, stressing, anxiety inducing thoughts we indulge within are in TRUTH nothing more than aspects of SELF we are NOT LOVing…… Where there IS LOVE there […]


Law of Attraction – Manifestation TOOL

In declaring yOUR manifestation statement, DO SO from the POSITIVE Perspective, ensure that yOUR intention out into the energy pool of ALL, IS one that IS from a gracious, humbled, […]