Roni Lipstein

I AM an Holistic Life Coach with Heart.

I provide holistic Enlightenment Guidance towards the fulfillment of your highest happiness manifest.

What does “Holistic Enlightenment Guidance” translate to?
Guidance for your WHOLE Life, body, mind and soul.

Who benefits from Enlightenment Guidance?
Anyone seeking to fulfill their destiny, LOVE SELF and manifest their Highest Happiness.

Services provided for individuals, couples, families and businesses include:

  • Life Coaching
  • Lifestyle Consulting
  • Spiritual Guidance
  • Psychotherapy
  • Fitness Consulting
  • Fitness Training
  • Nutritional Consulting
  • Business Consulting

It IS my “Personal Legend” to uplift, assist, empower, and enLIGHTen ALL those so seeking to embrace SELF in LOVE and BE the “I in ME” they LOVE themSELF to BE and thus Fulfill their Destiny.

_(l)_ Bliss _(l)_
I look forward to journeying this adventure of LOVE’s Light with YOU for the BEnefit of ALL.

To begin our journey, simply choose from the services listed below:

*** Please Note *** Roni will be in touch with you directly via email after your purchase to schedule your journey.

EMAIL SESSIONS Email sessions gives you the freedom to journey with Roni at your complete discretion, comfort and convenience. Write whenever you are so inspired. Roni will respond to your email within 2 business days. $125 for each 2 way communique (1 email from you and 1 response email from Roni)

PHONE SESSIONS Schedule a phone meeting with Roni and speak from the convenience of any location your phone can take you. $72 for 30 minutes

PHONE SESSIONS Schedule a phone meeting with Roni and speak from the convenience of any location your phone can take you. $142 for 60 minutes

SKYPE SESSIONS Interact LIVE with Roni in a face-to-face Skype Session and have the additional benefit of a Visual as well as Auditory connection. $72 for 30 minutes

SKYPE SESSIONS Skype sessions are highly recommended for any Physical Fitness/Personal Training sessions so that Roni may demonstrate visually any of the various exercises that are part of your personalized fitness plan. $142 for 60 minutes

*** Please Note ***
Sanctuaire Soul’s Sanctuary exists to assist ALL. For those who so require, financial plans and sliding scales are available. To learn more please get in touch with Roni directly.


– Pascal Gillon BASc,APFA Founder at Synereconologistics System

“Roni is an exceptional positive person and is extremely good at her work. Her visionary clout for making people being the best they can be is awesome. I fully recommend her.”

– Haroun Kola, Owner of The Light Stream

“Roni brings a wealth of knowledge and she shares it beautifully on her Ustream channel. Above all, her love for life and all beings make her a fantastic soul to know and work with.”

– Steve Pohlit, Founder Manifest Mastermind

“Whether reading her blogs, interacting with her in person, or virtually, through email, social media, or skype, Roni’s Enlightenment Guidance provides what one is seeking. I especially recommend her individual Enlightenment Guidance. Roni provides a gentle, yet always truthful guiding hand, as she walks with you every step of the way to your own enlightened awareness of your divine beingness.”

– Gaylynn Secrist, Wailea Zen TreeHouse

“I am in Gratitude of your Ooh sooo kind words, for it is you who Brings the SunShine Brilliance to the Lives of Others & Cannot Keep it for Yourself. Thank you for your lightness of being, and your True generosity of Spirit!! xxx000 Namaste~ Divine One.”

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  1. Personal Trainer says:

    As usual, so fascinating and also constructive information Holistic Life
    Coach Services | Soul’s Talking Brain. With thanks…

  2. brain says:


    Thank YOU Hilari.***

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