When ‘negative’ things happen….


Things happen that we may really NOT like at all…….

Focusing on our feelings of disdain and dislike only expands there upon potentially creating an even greater situation of negativity than what actually IS.

Accepting what IS….even if we don’t like it…..ALLOWs us to SEE what IS more clearly, calmly, and LOVingly.

Acceptance leads to gratitude for what the positive that IS….for whatever withIN the situation that you don’t like that there IS to BE grrreatFull for.

Gratitude leads to LOVE.…..to BEing LOVE…..and thus…….ALLOWs for a resolution [letting go of negative feelings, thoughts, state of being] withIN SELF regarding the negative situation to BE found……by……accepting what IS……and responding with and through LOVE. ;D

DOing so ultimately ALLOWs for more positive solutions and responses to the over all situation to BE found, keeping in mind, we can only ever make choices for SELF. We can not change another, we can not go back and change a situation, though we can change how we look at it, perceive, receive, and respond to it, recognizing that HOW we CHOOSE to so DO, and thus to so BE DOes affect both the situation, outcome and everyONE involved therein.

Life is a circle…..a spiral in fact…..coursing through the various emotions [same one’s over and over again – we all share the same pool of available emotions….happyness, elation, depression, anger, passion, etc….] yet, at ever increasingly ‘higher’ or ‘expanded’ view points of LOVE…maturity….DIVINITY.

Blissedly BE
Radiating LOVE,

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