What are we Eating????


A dedicated Wellness professional for nearly 2 decades now, I have BEen ‘slowly’ progressing in my own healthy lifestyle habits.

Approximately 3 yrs ago I chose to go from Vegetarian to [mostly] Vegan.

Immediately I was hearing talk of “not being dogmatic” – “Ya don’t want to become fanatical about being vegan now Roni.”, etc….etc…

And the other day I had this thought….

What IF……….the ones BEing dogmatic are the ones telling me not to be dogmatic, only they are being dogmatic about NOT being healthy.

Things that make ya go “hmmmmmmmm”.

This thought came to me upon the realization that cheese [one of my favouritest foods to eat – and one of my body’s least favouritest foods to digest- not to mention what the cows must endure to provide it] IS actually a “processed food”. All this time, here I was thinking that cheese is a “natural product. Ha!

This on the heels of the realization that ‘fake’ cheeses, as in the alternative vegan variety, are considered “fake” and “processed” because they come from something else that is put through a process to make them what they are…… [something else being plants].

Well……..that’s what they do to cow’s milk to make it into cheese, n’est ce pas?!?!? It ain’t like the cheese comes out of the cow already made and ready for human consumption…….not that cheese is ever really ‘ready for human consumption’.
Just say’n……

The reality is that both the plant and cow’s [goat’s, etc….] milk varieties of cheese are NOT cheese to begin with. Both are something of our species’ creation. Both are put through a process of transformation in order to take what came in a natural form and make it into an alternative fabricated form. In other words, cheese made from cow’s milk or goat’s milk or any milk for that matter is no more ‘cheese’ than that made from soy or rice or tapioca. Cheese is something We made up!

Perhaps it IS that we have all BEen so conditioned to eat foods that are NOT good for us, that are not natural, organic, raw, ummmmm did I mention, healthy!……soooo convinced that we need foods that we actually do NOT ‘need’, that we are failing to recognize that healthier alternatives DO exist, that are not only healthier for us and our bodies but for our mother earth, and all of her inhabitants. (not that i’m saying the agricultural industry is without its MAJOR issues………..’cuz oh me oh my……)  Perhaps in so realizing, the majority of we who are not vegan or necessarily eating the healthiest of diets would actually be more open to eating healthy. 

Definitely something to ponder upon n’est ce pas?

Imagine if we simply changed the definition of cheese for example, as was what happened for me when I had my little revelation…..suddenly I went from eating ‘fake cheese’ to simply eating another variety of cheese….cheese in and of itself……’real’ cheese. (hee hee hee, like there is such a thing……ha ha ha)

Again, just say’n……things that make ya go “hmmmmmmmm”.

Blissedly BE
Radiating LOVE,

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