We Create


“Going with the Flow”
“Following our Bliss”
“BEing LOVE”

DOes NOT mean that life shows up for us in a purrrfectly wrapped, neat little package…..of course, it doesn’t mean it doesn’t. 😉

This isn’t some ‘new age hype’, or cliché, this is a very real, and for most of us, consciously experienced reality.

It IS HOW we CHOOSE to DEFINE, interpret, perceive, receive and respond to life – whatever life may look like in our little piece of the pie,- that ALLOWs for us to experience our bliss, to go with the flow and fulfill our Authentic Destiny as BEings of LOVE’s Light. This choice of how we define the situations in our lives as they arise IS how we CREATE.

There IS ALLways a Positive Interpretation.……even in a negative situation……..there IS ALLways a positive interpretation simply awaiting our grasp and our physically manifest experience.

Once we CHOOSE to see the positive interpretation – even if we are feeling the negative – even if we are thinking the negative, we BEgin, we take the FIRST STEP to ALLOWing for the potential of the Positive to actualize physically.

If ya want something, it starts with HOW YOU CHOOSE to perceive it……it starts withIN.
Choosing to seek out the positive in any situation is making the conscious choice to create for yourself a life of bliss.
You deserve and are a most worthy of living a life of bliss.
BEgin today to look through the eyes of love.

Blissedly BE
Radiating LOVE,

**A very special New Moon Solar Eclipse in Taurus for everyONE todaythink good thoughts*** think of ALL that YOU desire to BE as opposed to what you did not desire, as the energy of this powerFull day shall assist YOU in materializing your intentions; goals, objectives, desires and dreams.

**A most SPECIAL BIRTHDAY BLISSings to my sweet ‘baby’ sister, Elana Jody Waldman on her 40th birthday today, on this most powerFully special day.

May the energy of today flow through every cell of your BEaYOUtyFull BEing, healing and transcending ALL that which DOes not serve yOUR highest happyness, homeostasis health, and greatest bliss in comfort, ease and joyFullness, and may your happyness, health and bliss exponentially expand with every breath you take, today, tomorrow, and ALL~ways. 120+++++ babay!!!

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