Unity Consciousness, Infinite BEingness

Universal Mirror

“To the materialist is impossible to realize that we live and move and have our being in a Universal Mind.
But the wise, knowing this, has also awareness that universal life care for his individual life, in that it is open to it, develops a broad and generous relationship with all other individual lives.
**Cosmic Greetings to All**” ~~Flavio Rodrigo Sacks

Indeed, it IS from this perspective that we are able to understand that when things occur  [whether we like them or not, but especially when not], they occur for reasons we may not otherwise understand or see.…they occur for reasons far outstretching our own individuated perspective as well as opportunities for growth. We are ALL connected to ALL that IS, ever was or will BE [including our own selves through out/beyond time and space] and as such, sometimes “bad” things in so far as we may perceive them to be in any given moment, happen for good reasons that positively enhance the lives of many we are simply not aware of.

CHOOSing this perspective ALLOWs for ACCEPTANCE and thus the inspiration to expand into ever greater heights of LOVE.  When we accept that something “bad” may in fact be something “good”, we open ourselves up to alternative perspectives in which the bad may actually be seen as good.  This eliminates if not reduces the level of angst, hurt, disapointment, etc…we may be feeling in perceiving something as bad, which automatically puts us into a healthier state of being, not to mention welcoming in healthier perspectives and thus experiences there after.  There is a certain level of TRUST required to so ALLOW……trust that within the infinite perspectives abounding, the positive are just as equally as likely as the negative- especially as we have been trained through out the millenia to put the weight of our trust within the negative.

“Everything in creation exists within you,
and everything in you exists in creation.

You are in borderless touch with the closest things, and,
what is more, distance is not sufficient to separate you
from things far away.

All things from the lowest to the loftiest,
from the smallest to the greatest,
exist within you as equal things.” ~~Kahlil Gibran

Blissedly BE
Radiating LOVE,

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