The greatest gift we can give

Relish in YOU, LOVE SELF

LOVing SELF IS the greatest gift we can give to any and all….

LOVing SELF IS trusting within self, believing within self, to BE the Divinity of yOUR Authenticity…….to provide to ALL the GIFTs of LOVE’s Light YOU specifically came to our Earth School to share.

We all have our own special gifts, a way of expressing self – of expressing a reflection of the all to which we are all a part and thus another avenue by which we may ‘know self’ & love self. Understanding we are all one, recognizing our unity we are able to see self in others and in addition to sharing our gifts with them, admire their special gifts, receive their special gifts, acknowledge, embrace, learn from….etc… and thus do we all evolve.

Many do not feel confident emBODYing and sharing their special gifts publicly (revealing who they are more authentically, whole-istically) with others for a variety of reasons……all of which stem from some level of not loving some aspect of self. (understanding that sharing comes in all shapes, forms, and sizes……there is no one way or ‘right’ way outside of the way that is ‘right’ for the individual……)

LOVing SELF IS ALLOWing self to BE YOU Authentically which we are more easily able to DO when we are feeling good about who we are, confident, honoured, humbled and greatFull for our gifts, recognizing they have purpose, we have purpose, and that our ‘personal legend’ is a worthy and deserving one. LOVing SELF is recognizing that who we are authentically- that which we are naturally drawn to express in this lifetime through our incarnated individuality DOes make a positive difference, that we our Selves make a positive difference as the being we are with these natural inherent tendencies/attractions which we came to foster, cultivate and share with and for the BEnefit of ALL. LOVing Self is acKNOWledging that we ourselves are worthy and deserving of experiencing that which resonates greatest with us, allowing ourselves to ‘follow our heart’, to ‘follow our bliss’ and enJOY the experience of BEing the I in Me we LOVE our self to BE, and thus do we have the courage to share ourselves and our inherent gifts authentically.

Blissedly BE
Radiating LOVE,

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