The Artistic Masterpiece, Human

human body as art

K, I’m sure you are familiar with the sentiment that “the human body is an artistic masterpiece”, yes?

A very prevalent sentiment for example during Michaelangelo’s time [David], as well in the body building//weight lifting industry – ask any body builder about the art of sculpting their body and the artistic expression available through the human body itself.

Well…..have you ever considered seeing everyone – as in EVERYONE that you see, come into contact with, just in general as an Artistic Masterpiece?

Ya don’t have to be attracted to all – we aren’t attracted to all pieces of art, however……… have an appreciation for the artistry that is the masterpiece we call “Human”……..

Let me know what that experience IS like for YOU – if of course you CHOOSE to try out this perceptual paradigm of BEing LOVE.

Blissedly BE.
Radiating LOVE,

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