Mirrored Reflections

We are all each other’s reflections and yet….
….it Can BE difficult at times to ‘identify properly’ with the specific reflection of self we see in others.

A very strong and overtly obvious characteristic expressed through another may be a reflection of a very small expression of like kind within ourselves or the very opposite or, at the same time, possibly the very same.

As a universal family having been conditioned to be negatively competitive & comparative, [separation mentality and fear consciousness instead of unity and love consciousness] we tend to BE skewed in our perceptions as opposed to BEing able to see the Authenticity contained therein…..BEcause we are coming from Fear instead of LOVE.

We tend to either aggrandize or minimize the reflection we see, owning something that IS not authentically self.

Very similar to how many of we can question our own identity when another ‘challenges’ or provides an opportunity to expand how we see ourselves, by bringing forth their ‘experience/interpretation/perception’ of us.  In other words, when someone tells us their description of us, how they see us and it is different than how we see ourselves.  Suddenly, we are looking at ourselves through someone else’s eyes, and considering if what they see is valid for us or not, whether we agree or disagree, how it makes us feel, is it true, etc..

Very similar to the fact that no thought is our own, until we own it… ‘identity’ or ‘reflection’ we see is our own until we own it.

Whoa! That’s A LOT of response ability……every moment of every now, how we identify ourselves can change, lickity split, and we must make the decision as to whether or not it does change, and into what it does or does not change.

Imagine, every moment, questioning, “Who am I?”.

Sit for a moment in conscious acknowledgement of the fact that you choose who you are and how you are. You choose if you are a business woman or a faerie goddess, a hockey player or guitar rocker, a cat owner or a traveler, a carnivore or vegan, or all of the above, or none……. We all choose.

BEcause so many of us are so susceptible to negatively competitive & comparative mind sets it IS that much MORE important that we EACH take the time, put forth the energy towards KNOWing Self, Self Discovery, Self Acceptance, and ultimately SELF LOVE…..Authentically which of course requires all the aforementioned to so BE…… – gotta KNOW who yar loving to truely be loving them, n’est ce pas?

Kinda shines a bit of a light on the importance of the infamous statements, “Know Thyself” and “To thine own self be true.”,  doncha think?

Interesting how what turns out to BE for most of we, ‘the most difficult’ of situations, or as I prefer to perceive it ‘the greatest opportunities for growth’ are sooooooooo easily communicated, such “basic” KNOWledge……rudimentary wisdom………and yet…….actualizing into our daily expressed lives, so intricately interwoven therein and intricate in and of itself……and yet again…… basic….. hee hee hee ha ha ha

Ahhhhhhhhh life!

For those seeking assistance upon your journey to SELF LOVE and thus a life lead through a bliss perspective, I AM available for one-on-one journeys. Get in touch with me directly to set up an appointment. I’m available internationally via email, phone &/or skype.

Blissedly BE,
Radiating LOVE,

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