Opportunities, tests, assistance, struggle?? Which do you choose?


Opportunities for growth can BE seen by some as “tests” or even “struggles” upon our life journeys.

The opportunity does not change in and of itself because we see it as a test or struggle……however our response to it (if we see it at all) most certainly does, which ultimately affects the outcome.

Seeing opportunities for growth as tests or struggles is seeing the universe, life, energy (or whatever adjecitve you are most comfortable with) as working AGAINST us, as some ‘judge and jury’ determining our worthiness, our deservedness.

Seeing ‘tests’ and/or ‘struggles’ as opportunities for growth, insight, wisdom, enlightenment, is seeing the universe~life~energy as providing gifts upon our journey to self love, as pointing out to us where we have opportunities to expand our love for self and all, as assisting us to see for ourselves our own divinity, our own abilities as Earth Angels Divine, and thus assisting us to be the “I in me” we love ourselves to BE.

This VERY SMALL SHIFT in CONSCIOUSNESS changes everything in our lives drastically, and is but a sample of the shift in consciousness we are experiencing universally out of fear and into love.***

Pretty Amazing huh???

DO YOU have any other examples for shifting consciousness you can share????
Looking forward to hearing from YOU***

Blissedly BE*
Radiating LOVE,

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