On Monogamy vs Polygamy vs Polyamoury

yOUR Greatest Relationship IS with yOUR SELF

Hahneys………………ain’t no one better or worse than the other…….they are ALL the SAME thing just different versions of the SAME thing.

Stop the fighting and the “one up man ship” it’s not cool…..it’s like the massive religious wars, “ours is better than yours”, “yours isn’t real”, “yours isn’t the true pathway”…..yadda yadda yadda


Each……..EACH ONE…….has its boundaries, borders, rules and regulations, codes of conduct if you will and in fact within each one, each individual couple/group/community have their very own ‘spin’ on the ‘generalized codes of conduct’ and guess what…..

If anyone in any of the ‘relationships’ = entered into agreements of sharing space and life together – breaks any of those “codes of conduct”, whatever they may be within each agreed partnership, the ‘shits gonna hit the fan’ and it makes no difference what kinda of ‘codes of conduct agreement’ yours happens to be……….monogamous, polyamorous, polygamous, it’s ALL the SAME.

The ONLY real difference IS that the codes for each one are different.……..kinda like the codes by which we each live by individually……..n’est ce pas????

Is my version of living love better or worse than yours?
And if so……..who gets to make that discernment?

In my most humbled opinion, I do, as I allways have and likely allways will, maintain my “generalized code of conduct” for ALL:

So long as it brings no harm to self or others, do & BE what makes YOU Authentically, WHOLE-istically BlissFully Happy, without judging others for DOing the same for them.

C’est tout.

***and for thems saying ya face a lot more fears in poly relationships, there’s a lot more healing involved, ‘cuz it goes against the grain of our conditioned society, etc….

Hahneys……..polygamy was “THE WAY” for EVERYONE back “in the day” when we as a species weren’t mak’n it much past 30 yrs of age.

Furthermore, entering into ANY kind of relationship [including//especially with ourselves btw] IS a journey that offers much HEALing……it IS by virtue of its very nature an opportunity for growth……..just like by virtue of our very existence have we an opportunity – guaranteed – for infinite growth, learning, expansion, experience, etc…..

It simply IS what we call…………..LIFE.

Blissedly BE
Radiating LOVE,

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