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K, we have – most have, heard the concept of “Living our Bliss” – the sentiment that you have to “Believe it to achieve it”, that we are “Co-creators of reality”…..

and just as many of us have a difficult time understanding how we can “live our bliss” when things in our surrounding are NOT seemingly [to our perceptual interpretation thereof] very blissfull.

‘Shit happens’, n’est ce pas……(please excuse my language)…..”bad things happen to good people” and all that jazz…..
And it can be difficult to BElieve that all is blissfull when again we are not feeling and or seeing it.

TRUST ME when I say…….

Simply starting by choosing to ALLOW yourself to THINK as though “everything that IS, IS for my highest good/happyness/bliss” DOes assist in this actualizing materially in your life.

Ya don’t even have to believe it [at first]…….just allow yourself at least ONCE a day to think this thought, or some derivative thereof.
[ie: there IS a silver lining in this dark cloud I find myself within]

It’s “weird” how this works, [to our current perceptual paradigm] but it DOes!!

Simply allowing our minds to entertain this thought causes our mind to go on a search for supporting evidence of this thought……it’s simply how our mind works…..quite automatically.

Sooo if you think….for example, “Life loves me, my experience of life is bliss” your mind will bring up to you all the reasons that your life is bliss, which obviously will promote feelings of gratitude, joy, bliss, more so than not, n’est ce pas.  And your blissed out thoughts and feelings will inspire matching actions which will have an affect upon your external environment.   [even if there are a whole slew of reasons for why your life is not bliss….there is always bliss, and our minds Will find it, wherever it happens to BE…even if it’s hiding deep within the recesses of our conscious awareness.  Remember there are infinite perceptions/interpretations available for any situation] Even thoughts as ‘mundane’ as– ‘I have a roof over my head, I am here, I have toilet paper, The sun came out today, I am sharing with friends and family who love me.’, will both reinforce and welcome even more fabyoulous thoughts and associative feelings. Though I wouldn’t say any of those were mundane, by any stretch of the imagination, would you? 😉

This of course – thinking positively – increases our FEELings of Bliss, as stated above.
How we are feeling, the thoughts we are thinking have an energetic signature –they CREATE specific energy wave/particle forms which affect not only our internal environment and state of BEing but our external situations as well.  In addition to of course, as stated above the obvious, immediate and palabable affect our own physical beingness has on our external situations and the people within them, by simply acting from a certain state of being, as again, stated above.

Moving into a more subtle arena of a, if you can imagine the universe [energy in general] like an orchestra… [our universe] HARMONIZES. So like a symphony, the music you play – the harmonic melody created by your thoughts and feelings, will be ‘harmonized with’ by the universe/life/external energy frequencies [waves/particles] of like kind, which can be translated into what is being ‘attracted’ back into your life based upon that which you sent forth.
This is commonly known [today] as The Law of Attraction.

Here IS to ONEderFull thoughts and feelings of infinite bliss and LOVE.*

Blissed BE
Radiating LOVE,

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