Know the power of your affect


***ONE thing many of we lose sight of is the importance of our affect upon each other and the WHOLE……even the itty bitty things we DO, have an affect.

Sooooooooo….DOing something…..anything…towards LOVing SELF IS DOing something towards LOVing All……and essentially 2012, the Mayan Calendar, the Precession of the Equinox, and ALL that has BEen touted regarding this ascension, our ascension which we are ALL journeying together upon has to DO with IS:

LOVing Self……..WHOLEistically.

Which for many of us seems a mighty huge undertaking….funny how that IS huh???
Loving Self WHOLEistically IS interpreted as a difficult, for some impossible thing to DO.

Loving Self……difficult to DO…….
…..definitely makes ya go “hmmmmmm”, doncha agree?
This is the shining example of Fear Consciousness from which we Are transcending out of.

Loving Self…BEing Good to Self is NOT difficult to DO….we are just attached to our negative unhealthy lifestyle habits and fearFull of making changes to some of those lifestyle habits, (ie: being love in the face of hate and thinking it might get us killed vs it might save our lives~~which consciousness paradigm do you adopt???), because that IS exactly the negative conditioning we have BEen “under” for many a millenia.

This IS what our transcendence is all about.

It’s not some big ‘pie in the sky’ theory……or some ancient prediction that’s gonna come flaming out of the sky like a bow and arrow for our hearts and minds. It’s very simple, very basic, common sense………which we have A LOT MORE of today thanks to the advent of the internet and the interconnectedness of ALL of we, and thus the information we each have and are sharing with one another.

Information = Light = LOVE

We are sharing more with each other and more diverse members of our society are coming together, sharing, and recognizing just how similar we are as opposed to focusing on our differences. Our choices therefore are more INFORMED choices, hence when choosing to DO that which IS Healthy for us for example, we actually know that “GMO” foods are NOT….
we actually KNOW what “GMO” stands for, we actually KNOW about “Monsanto”,
we actually KNOW that CHOOSing Happy thoughts affects our Physical state of well BEing,
we actually KNOW there are brothers and sisters of ours around our home (planet) who are not being treated humanely,
we actually KNOW that the media conglomerate is run by the corporations which also run the government,
we actually KNOW our eco-system is being negatively affected by big oil companies,
we actually KNOW that our global system runs on an illusory system based upon a currency that does NOT actually exist,
we actually KNOW that heads of state around the world collaborate with one another for their own personal gains and MOST of the time at the expense of the people whom they are supposed to BE acting on behalf of.


KNOWing gives us an empowered state of BEing from which to make conscious CHOICES that have a positive affect on the ALL.

When the majority of we STOP buying products we KNOW are supporting systems whose interests are microscopic and myopic, benefitting only to their elite few, the elite few start seeing that they are losing their ‘grounding’, and to have any kind of ‘mainstay’ will have to provide that which is being demanded.

Yup……a simple choice like buying a product that is non-gmo, packaged in recyclable materials, and actually recycling the packaging when done DOes Have a Major Affect upon the Entire Industry, in fact, upon our entire species, indeed, upon our entire planet.

If we don’t buy it………..”it” will BE removed from the shelves, simple, but true. The law of supply and demand.

And this is just ONE way we are affecting change. The BIGgest way we can affect change is how we perceive, receive and respond to our selves and each other as fellow human beings, brothers and sisters, indeed, the Greatest change any of we can have is in how we THINK.

What kind of thoughts are you thinking…..about your self, life, your fellow global citizens of earth and the rest of her inhabitants?

How are YOU CHOOSing to Perceive, Receive & Respond as a Light Entity affecting ALL that IS, ever was or will BE?

This is a question we can be, should be asking ourselves with every decision we make, because yes, we are that powerFull.

Here’s to ALL of WE Choosing Consciously to BE the I in ME we LOVE ourselves to BE and thus blissing ALL that IS, ever was or will BE.

Blissedly BE
Radiating LOVE,

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