It’s interesting, you can KNOW something so thoroughly, trust in it so emphatically, live by it so whole-isitically all of your life, and then find yourself one day questioning its very validity and seeking proof thereto.

Before the “Law of Attraction” was the Law of Attraction we simply called it one of the rudimentary laws of physics known as ’cause and effect’……which is also called in some circles, “karma”.

Labels tend to get things all mixed up, mashed up and cultivating a bit of confusion…..we tend to try to get all ‘sophisticated’ about it all instead of k.i.s.s. – keep’n it simply shaweetheart. 😉

And as the say’n goes, too many cooks in the kitchen spoil the dish.

When we have so many people talk’n about the same thing from so many angles, with so many different interpretations….welll as was stated above…confusion can set it.

For example, how does the law of attraction, cause and effect, karma really work?  And while we are asking the question and traversing through the answer, something to ponder is, ‘how important is it for us to know how it actually works?”

How does ENERGY KNOW what “kind” of energy is ‘being sent out’ to know what kind of energy to send back? I mean in the arena to which we speak we are talk’n about our thoughts, feelings, actions, being represented by an unseen, unknown force……energy.

Well, if we want to get detailed and NOT K.I.S.S.:

studies have been done, repeated and then repeated again all over the world by varying different individuals from scientists to spiritualists, using all various mediums from water to metal, sound waves to light particles not to mention our own day to day experiences and interactions with each other and life itself, which have all shown us that different thoughts and emotions and actions DO create different “Energy Configurations” or vibrations, frequencies, harmonies, melodies, waves, strings,- take yar pick….different labels for essentially the same thing…….and these different, shall we say for greater ease, ‘ways of BEing’ have unto each, their own resulting affects, responses and/or consequences.

Returning to K.I.S.S.:

That which we have labelled, “The Law of Attraction”, “Cause & Effect”, “Karma”, is again, something seen not only scientifically, known spiritually or intuitively, but something we have seen for ourselves, each of we, personally in our day to day lives.

In the event that you are fishing for a memory to identify and associate with our discussion simply think about the choice between Smiling at someone vs Frowning at someone. We all know, the results, the response, the consequences of our choice between smile and frown WILL BE Different. They each have a different affect upon whomever they are being given to and we shall have a different response depending upon which we choose.

Back to getting to know that which we are emitting and how and what it is attracting back to us from a more fundamental, energetic perspective that is again, not so K.I.S.S.:

As with music, some energy configurations harmonize well together and some do not.
Some energy frequencies attract and some repel.
Obviously those that are of like kind are more likely to and more easily able to attract one another.

Yes…..’opposites’ attract but not in the vein we understand it to be.
Opposites in energy terms simply means that 2 energy signatures which harmonize well together – hence they are within the same ‘party’ if you will to begin with [attracted to one another in the vastness of infinite potential] may each have something that is ‘missing’ that the other can benefit from……they provide the necessary inspiration [neutron, proton, electron…..] each other requires to ‘fine tune’ their own melodic frequency………which of course takes us into a whole other yet completely associated subject, Authentic Relationships; which are ALLways about 2 INDIVIDUALS assisting one another by acting as mirrors to one another for each of their own individual journeys…….. but that’s another story for another day. 😀

The ‘moral’ of our ‘story’ today IS……..DO DO DO what ya can to cultivate a ’cause’, an ‘attraction’, a ‘karmic vibration’ that IS of LOVE and LOVE IS what YOU Shall experience as your ‘effect’, ‘response’, ‘karmic gift’ in return. ***

Important to note: taking a little detour away from what we are attracting back to us, what responses we are stimulating into existence based upon our actions, what effects our causes are having, the in’s and out’s and proofs of HOW any of these things actually function, is the very simple notion that again, we all know on a very personal, physically experienced and expressed level which is…..

When we are feeling fabyoulous, when we are in a good place, when we are cultivating a consciousness paradigm that is based within LOVE, whatever cause, effect, attraction, repulsion, karmic retribution, perception, reception, response, that we may give or receive will be so experienced within and from this consciousness paradigm of LOVE and thus shall our experience of life be one of Bliss.


Wanna experience LOVE?

C’est tout. <3

Blissedly BE
Radiating LOVE,

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