It is better to wait then to act from negativity

Positive Thinking, a CHOICE

K, so ya know how I allways say [as do many….] to find the Positive Perspective in any situation.… look for another way to look at any external situation you are perceiving negatively so that ya find one that FEELs better…….

And YES! Sometimes, that can be really, really, really difficult to DO.

In those moments….
do NOT give up…
Keep Trying…
Ask “What would LOVE DO, How would LOVE BE, NOW?”
and in the interim,
until you DO find the alternative perspective that IS more positive that DOes feel better,
do NOT take any ACTion.

Feeling negative happens to ALL of us…….and ya don’t wanna deny your feelings or try to supress them.

Ya wanna acKNOWledge, even have a converstation with those feelings, find out where they are coming from [I know the external situation IS inspiring them….but…….what withIN YOU IS BEing inspired…..what FEARs are you facing…..BE HONEST]. LEARN from yOUR Self….that’s what your feelings and thoughts are there for………BUT…….do NOT, NOT, NOT take ACTions based upon those negative feelings.

If ya hafta wait an hour, a day, a week, a month…….WAIT!

Listen, some of us are so overwhelmed by the negative thoughts and emotions accosting our psyche, we can not see past them let alone even fathom to make use of them as a healing mechanism towards our highest happyness. This is understood.
We all walk our own pathways, have our own ways of so doing, and take our own journeys [space and time] to so do.

The positive perspective WILL show itSELF….as soon as we ALLOW our self to see it…..embrace it….think it…..feel it. I promise, it IS ALLways there. 😉 <3

In the interim take a step back and do NOT ACT upon the negative feelings and thoughts that are accosting your mind and BEingness.
ACTions are one of the ‘biggest’ expressions of our directed will//energy.

They [our negative thoughts and feelings] are NOT there to inspire ACTion other than…….HEALing.
Our negative thoughts and feelings are signals, they point out for us where there is opportunity to transcend negatively based thoughts and emotions within us [emotional wounds//soul shocks//energy blocks] into positive ones. From here….from a relaxed, calm state of LOVE, recognizing the ‘signal’, what it is, why it is showing itself, we may then CHOOSE Consciously, Intuitively, to DO what actually feels Good – in every sense – [not feels ‘good’ in a sense of vengeFull anger or satiating negative feelings but feels good BEcause it feels like it IS a good thing for self and for all]…..from a light perspective of LOVE for the BEnefit of ALL.

Trust Sweet Angels }*{ in yOUR Authenticity…… OUR Authenticity.
We are by virtue of our BEingness……..LOVE* <3

For those who doubt our authentic nature as BEings of LOVE keep in mind that we as human BEings respond positively on a physical level [as well as every multi dimensional level of our BEingness] of our homeostasis health to feelings and thoughts that we can group in the “Positive” or “Love” based realm [of majority agreed upon interpretation/definition], and negatively to those that are grouped in the “Negative”, [again majority agreed upon interpretations/definitions thereof].

In other words, it can BE attested to by the majority of we, both scientifically, spiritually as well as experientially that:

LOVE promotes overall Homeostasis Health
Fear promotes overall dis-ease and illness……
It’s just a fact jack…..

Blissings, Blissings, ONE and ALL for healing journeys of comfort, ease and joy of all of our ‘negatively perceived’ emotional wounds, soul shocks, and enegy blocks into an experience, expression and shared perception of LOVE Consciousness in every NOW, ALL~ways, for All of WE.*

Radiating LOVE,

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