Is Self Love humbling?


For many years I have used the term “humble” to connote how one can BE the example of SELF LOVE whilst not ‘putting off’ or otherwise communicating a message other than that which BEing the example of SELF LOVE IS intended to BE….an inspiration for ALL others to so BE. <3

However……..the very word “humble” seems to make one feel as though they need to make themselves ‘smaller’ to so DO, which is NOT LOVing SELF.

LOVing SELF IS HUGE – even though it is gentle, quiet, subtle, and yes….humble……it is NOT ‘a making smaller’. Loving Self IS ‘standing’ WHOLEistically in one’s Divinity which as we are ALL ONE, IS standing as an example of ALL of our Divinity. Thus, one can say loving self is more about acknowledging the equality, connection, unity, the Balance if you will, of self and all. So, whilst it is a humbling honour to recognize, acKNOWledge and BE, most deeply, certainly, awe inspiringly, it is more I would think about simply BEing…..Authentic.

What do YOU think?
How would you characterize what “self love looks like”?
or How you think it should look like?
What about what it feels like?
Remember, there are no right or wrong answers here as everything that is, is open to infinite interpretation, perception, and experience. That is why we all exist, as opposed to there just being one.

To ONE and ALL DO I send forth blissings for we to BE LOVing SELF and BEing LOVE Authentically.***

Blissedly BE Dear Earth Angels Divine.
In Lak’ech Ala K’in.
Radiating LOVE,

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