Infinite Potential

Infinite Possibilities, Infinite CHOICE

We live in a world, an existance of INFINITE POTENTIAL……where and how we direct our own energy has much to DO with that which later, we do physically experience…..taste, touch, hear, smell and see.

In a world of infinite potential…..we have been taught to put most of our focus, the greatest weight of our personal power//energy upon that which is “NOT” -in other words, upon all that may NOT come to pass that we would like to come to pass, upon all the POTENTIAL ‘pit falls’ instead of ALL the Potential rainbows, waterfalls and fireworks of fabYOUlousness that may just as easily BE.***

Authenticity BEgins with BEing the I in we YOU love yOURself to BE………[everyONE LOVEs to BE LOVEd……and we are BEing LOVEd when we are BEing LOVing….hence the I in we, we love ourselves to BE is……….our ONEderFully unique rendition, frequency, emanation of LOVE itSelf.]

BElieving that in so BEing [LOVE], are YOU living yOUR fulfilled destiny……and thus receiving in comfort, ease and joy, ALL that you desire and require upon all levels of your multi dimensional beingness… YOU are effortlessly providing the greatest BEnefit of ALL that IS, ever was or will BE.***

ONEderFull how LOVing Self, BEing Authentic WHOLEistically takes care of EVERYTHING else simultaneously……… ahhhhhhhhh the syngery of LOVE*

Blissedly BE,
Radiating LOVE,

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