How to make the ‘Right’ Decision

Stunning Reflections

Should I say this or that?
Should I do this or that?


A lot of our ‘worries’ in life are more about what decision we “Should” make with respect to any situation as much as they are about the situation itself.

If I do this then……..but, but, but if I do that then…….

HOW do we KNOW which IS the best decision to make when there are an INFINITE number of decisions we can make….an INFINITE number of ways to perceive, receive and respond to any and ALL situations?

How do we KNOW which IS an ACT [decision] based in LOVE and which in fear?

Ya gotsta journey through your potential choices and ask yourself what IS MOTIVATING the potentiality of any said choice…….and ya gotsta ALLOW yourSELF to honestly journey through, seeing, receiving, acKNOWledging….and ALLways coming from a BEingness of Divine LOVE.

If a decision is motivated by what others may think, what others may have said, as opposed to what FEELS GOOD for YOU…… is a decision motivated by fear.

If a decision has you feeling anxious, uneasy, uncomfortable, or dreadfull, it is a decision motivated by fear.

Yes, I hear you, sometimes, some decisions we make have us feeling uncomfortable because they are ‘out of our comfort zone’, they are pushing us beyond what we know and into the unknown and are in fact very good for us.

This is NOT the discomfort or uneasiness I speak to.
I am not talking about an EXCITING, butterfly in your tummy anxiousness when I speak to that which I aforementioned.

There IS a difference between feelings of uneasiness because you have never done something before and feelings of uneasiness because you don’t think you are doing the ‘right’ thing.

The feeling is known only to you with respect to each specific situation you encounter.
You can feel it in the pit of your tummy, the back of your throat, the resonating focus on your third eye and the embrace of your heart’s love.

If a decision is motivatd by what FEELS GOOD to you, for you and for the BEnefit of ALL involved…..what FEELS ‘right’ withIN your heart………constructive instead of destructive [even though sometimes to be constructive may require some ‘renovation’…..], peaceFull, calm, accepting… IS motivated by Unconditional LOVE. 😀

Again, of course, there are times that decisions motivated by unconditional love DO require ‘renovating’, and it may appear that deconstruction is taking place when in fact it is anything but. This CAN BE confusing if only looking at the surface……

Look BEyond, look withIN.

Calm yourself, get into a relaxed state of BEing so that you may objectively reflect upon the situation at hand or more apropos so that you may release ALL thoughts pertaining to the situation at hand and ALLOW your SELF to FEEL what IS best….to objectively from a detached perspective eliminate your egoic drives and ALLOW that which feels best for self and all concerned to come to YOU instead of YOU going chasing after it.

When we allow ourselves enough distance from any situation, when we choose to SLOW DOWN to allow ourselves to get in touch with our feelings BEfore running to make a decision, [generally out of fear and thus usually a destructive and hurtfull one] we give ourselves the opportunity to KNOW what IS TRUEly the best avenue for self and ALL concerned….even if that avenue includes ‘renovations’.
Sometimes ya gotta tear something down to rebuild it stronger and better than ever it was BEfore or could have BEen.

Again, this is something only you can know within your heart of Unconditional LOVE, but KNOW it you shall, and until you DO, do NOT take any ACTion.***
Patience IS key to good decision making. 😉

Blissings unto ONE and ALL for a life that IS in ALL~ways ONE of LOVE Consciousness experienced, expressed, shared, lived, and LOVEd.***

Radiating LOVE,

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