How do we ‘tune in’ to our Intuition?


Intuition = thoughts that come when we are in a relaxed state of beingness with a KNOWing feeling of rightness….of goodness for ourselves, the situation we find ourselves within and those involved.

Intuition is not an overwhelming feeling that grabs hold of you and stares you square in the eyes or screams at the top of its lungs, it just IS, calmly, quietly, but ever present and deeply knowing, if we quiet ourselves enough to ‘tune in’ and truly listen.
It is not a thought that is justified, ratified or logically deduced.
It is not a thought that comes from emotion.

When we quiet the ‘chatter’ within our minds, when we let go of analyzing, and when we detach from our emotional response, removing our ‘ego’ – our self driven thoughts, our ‘flight or fight’ feelings, our pride, righteousness, judgment, etc… we allow for our intuitive knowing to be heard.

Intuition is simply a thought that arises, calmly, quietly, gently accompanied with a deep sense of knowing.
The FEELing of the experience of an Intuitive Thought IS the KNOWing.

Blissedly BE
Radiating LOVE,

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