Evolution witnessed in Language

Language of LOVE

There was a time we spoke “old english” as in Shakespearean times/english.

The transcendence, [evolution, ascension] of our species from ‘time period’ [ie; medieval times to renaissance times] to time period, from ‘era’ [ie; stone age to the golden age] to era, is witnessed [amongst other places] through our LANGUAGE.

Just as we are so witnessing RIGHT NOW…..

As we are seeing new uses of language to describe newly defined perceptions of ourselves…..such as “energetic BEings”, “energy”, “the law of attraction”, “the now”, “chakras”, etc…. words we are beginning to take for granted as part of the “norm” of our language and yet were most certainly not less than a decade ago.

We are ‘the ones’ who are here in the CRUX of a CHANGE, a huge evolutionary leap in consciousness, a universal transformation. We are ‘the ones’ “riding the wave of ascension” for all of our brothers and sisters who are to come….we are ‘the ones’ at the apex of one of our Universal Family’s Major Evolutionary Steps.

YOU are ONE of “The ONE’s”,

Namaste Earth Angel Divine
In Lak’ech Ala K’in

Radiating LOVE,

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