Cyclical Hormonal Fluctuations, Why?

Our Thoughts Create Reality,

Curious Question…..

Ever wonder WHY it IS that as humans we cyclically have hormonal releases [with women its much more obvious however men DO have similar hormonal cycles] which stimulate areas of our brain promoting thoughts and feelings that are ‘less than happy’?

WHY would we even have such a mechanism withIN us?

Something that ‘naturally’, biologically occurs on a very regular basis, [yes, again, for men too….ya just don’t have the ‘colour’ to show for it] inciting NEGATIVEly skewed thoughts and emotions.

IS it …………

1. I don’t think it’s something we have been conditioned by- I know for myself personally, walk’n around saying “I’m pms’ing” was just NOT something my mom did when I was younger and having no consciousness regarding cycles and hormonal fluctuations affecting moods, I definitely wasn’t watching her to learn from her to be that way, and let’s face it, who are the guys watching??? There ain’t no obvious in yar face signals for knowing when a guy is going through his own cycle and cycle through they do…..we ALL do.

2. Is it something passed down through our ancestral lineage?
Was it spanned by our limited lifespan ‘back in the day’ [one day we’ll think our lifespan today is limited] when we only lived ‘til 30 and having babies was seen as much more miraculous and valuable than today? In other words, when a woman got her period instead of a bulging belly with a baby inside, was it seen as a time of mourning and thus created an association therewith that was negative?

And is this what spawned such in the men as well? [again unseen but still ever present]

3. or is it……
an opportunity to have every negative based conditioning of our consciousness be brought to the surface so that we can experience it [hopefully detached & NOT acting on it] and make the choice to heal it by choosing NOT to ‘fall prey’ to its potentially extremely strong influencing manner and not only not act upon it but somehow transcend it completely into LOVE……as we do with any mundane or shall I say more mundane, less intensive negative thinking?

Your thoughts???
Thanks so much for sharing. :)

Blissed LOVE,

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