Children of the Voice of LOVE


Hey hey hey BEaYOUtyFull Earth Angels Divine!!

Just a ‘head’s up’ to those who may not otherwise be aware, I am Roni Lipstein, your Souls Talking Brain Blog Author, Wholeistic Life Coach and enLIGHTenment GuideLight.

I ‘channel’ yOUR Voice [amongst the many we hear within our own minds] of LOVE Consciousness.…..that subtle voice of our divinity, of our authenticity, which often times ‘we’ – our habitualized egos or fear based identities- do not want to hear [hence why we don’t] but the one voice we really should BE listening to………..

Not that this voice is saying horrible things, but may be directing us to take actions or perceive things in ways which are not ‘ego – bound’ but unity bound.

We have been conditioned, as a univeral family/global society to hold onto our ‘ego bound’ identity- our individuated sense of BEing – our negatively habitualized comparative, competitive, [fight or flight] fear based consciousness/perception for quite some time.

This consciousness paradigm has many of us feeling the need to aggrandize or minimize ourselves in the face of others [am I worthy, am I deserving, am I enough…..] as opposed to seeing all as parts of ourselves, as equal to us, as meaningfull, purposefull, divine – regardless of the material accomplishments we have chosen to give value to~~~who is to say that being a doctor is more valuable per se than being a farmer…..yes, the doctor can ‘save lives’ but without the medicines to so do, garnered through (mostly) our plants, there would be no medicines…….and what of the janitor who cleans the multi-million dollar corporations – how would they function if having to work in an environment of filth and disarray????

When we see that others are just ‘another me’ we don’t feel the need to “Prove ourselves” to any one else Especially our self.

Ah yes………it ALLways comes back to SELF LOVE and WHOLE-istic LOVE.

When we no longer feel this need to prove ourselves we are able to RELAX into who we are as an individuated reflection of the whole……..and accept in humbled honour the unique combination of gifts, talents, insights, ‘ways of BEing’ that we have come to our Earth School to share – to BE an example of with and for the BEnefit of ALL.***

There is no ‘ego’ involved herein……no need to prove anything to anyone, to compare ourselves to another, to compete with another – even if they have a very similar ‘combination’ of unique gifts, talents, and insights to that of our own…….for still…are they unique as are we unto ourselves and still….we are able to see the meaning, purpose, divinity that each of us is here to share, however similar or different we may be from one another in our ‘unique combinations’. We EACH are here for a reason……for each of us there are others who are awaiting our specific ‘blend’ of LOVE’s Divinity. Thus are we able to relax, let go, surrender into ourselves… pride, aggrandization or minimization necessary simply an acceptance, simply BEing Authentic…..BEing LOVE.

For those seeking assistance,

a light upon your pathway to
Hear your inner voice of LOVE,
to See yourself as a Divine BEing of LOVE’s Light,
to Feel at peace with who you are as you are, and thus
to manifest the life YOU desire to BE,

I AM available for one-on-one journeys internationally via email, phone and skype.
Get in touch with me directly to set up an appointment, link is below in the “About the Author” section.

Blissedly BE
Radiating LOVE,

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One Reply to Children of the Voice of LOVE

  1. Sacha says:

    Thank you for sharing your LIGHT with the world and simply BEING LOVE!!! <3
    Blessings to you!

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