Are YOU DOing Enough?


You know how we can ‘second guess’ ourselves, our thoughts, feelings, actions……especially when we are trying to achieve something [such as find a job, a new intimate partner, a solution to a problem, for example], and we find ourselves asking; “Did I DO enough?? Am I am I DOing enough??”

Part of WELCOMING in the energy [job, partners, solutions, opportunities] that exists and IS awaiting our embrace IS BElieving that;

“YES! ALL that I AM DOing and have DOne IS enough…..IS purrrrfect for me to openly receive whatever IS I am seeking which itSELF IS seeking me and awaiting my embrace. Yes! I am fulfilling my Vision, I am living my HIGHest HAPPYness.”

Constantly berating SELF for “NOT doing enough” is simply sending the message out into the sea of all that “I am not ready yet to receive, I need to DO more first…..WAIT!”

Well, if ya really want ALL it IS ya really want…….ya gotta start BElieving that YOU ARE DOing and have DOne more than enough to receive it, and that YOU are in a state of prime, optimal readiness.


….everything that we see physically BEgins as energy…….not the reverse…..sooooo put some POWER into the direction that you want the energy in your surround to manifest by TRUSTing that whatever IS in your surround IS there to ASSIST YOU, to uplift, empower, enlighten and provide for YOU the BEST, HIGHest GOOD for YOU and yOUR BlissFull Happyness.

An EXCELLENT tool to assist YOU in so DOing IS WRITING……and…….GRATITUDE……

Write out what it IS YOU are welcoming into manifestation into yOUR life as though it ALLready IS manifesting [even if ya don’t see it yet….] from an “Attitude of Gratitude”.

For example [keeping with our finding a job theme]:

“I am soooooooooo grrrreatFull for the AWEsome new job that I will BE starting soon. It IS everything I could have dreamed of and more. From the hours of operation, to the skills and talents of mine that are BEing used, [**NOTE: see how it has now become present tense here…..] to the ease, comfort and joyFullness I experience in using them, to the people I get to interACT with, the energy of the place, ambience, decor, geographical location, it IS just AWEsome!!! I am sooooooo grrreatFull, sooooo BLISSed, and furthermore it keeps getting BETTER and BETTER and BETTER every single day.***

YOU CAN DO this for ANYthing that YOU are seeking to BE manifest in yOUR experience.

What are some things YOU are seeking to manifest?
What are some ways that YOU like to express positive affirmations that they are BEing manifest?
For example, I mentioned writing a note of gratitude, some prefer to create a masterpiece of inspired painting, whilst others to go out dancing on the town, whilst still others to sit silently in meditation.
Please DO share what resonates best with you- as YOU may have a way of so DOing that better resonates with another and inspires withIN them exactly what they require to so DO for themselves.

BlissFull Gratitude Angels }*{
Radiating LOVE,

P.S. I am feeling the need to address those who aren’t really DOing anything towards their vision manifesting and getting upset that it is not manifesting.
I hear those amongst us who are screaming, what about the couch potatoes who sit there all day long, whining and complaining that nothing is happening.
Okay so firstly, ours is not to judge another.
Second, those who are sitting around doing nothing physically to attract that which they desire and are also whining and complaining about it are not doing too much differently on an energetic basis than those of us to whom I was speaking about earlier, who are DOing and DOing and DOing yet questioning if they are doing enough. The energy signature that is going out is still one of “NOT”.

I will say this, and some may or may not agree and that’s totally okay.
I DO BElieve in my humbled opinion that if one chose to sit on their couch all day and BElieve that their vision IS manifesting by them so DOing, that indeed their vision shall manifest. How quickly and how accurately [true to the vision] is another story. 😉

However, I also BElieve that getting more involved within any energetic signature we are sending forth makes that signature that much stronger and therefore that much more likely to manifest both more expediently and in greater accuracy to that which we are intending. If of course it is our ‘soul’s purpose’ or personal legend. Sometimes even what we envision to be our pathway, however intrinisically we envision it to be, is not meant to actually materialize but only to inspire us to do and BE who we came here to BE.  And sometimes, getting less involved may be the answer, for it also promotes a ‘feeling’ that we intrinsically know that which should pass, shall pass and therefore needs not any further attention from us then our initial envisioning of it.

Then again……if you have a vision, talking about it with others, in my humbled opinion, increases the vibrational frequency around it, and taking action towards it, that much more.  Of course if those with whom you are speaking are doing nothing but speaking negatively towards your vision, it may dampen the energetic signature thereof.

Again, as we are dealing with the subtle levels of existence, I do maintain my initial statement which is; if one were to simply sit and visualize, they would be putting forth the building blocks for their vision to be physically manifest. The strength and velocity by which it does on the other hand I DO BEleive strongly influenced by how much exertion on our part is given.
Then again, if one is sitting all day long in silent meditation thereto…..well…..what determines exertion? And who gets to make that determination……..
Ahhhhhh doncha just love the mysteries of life. 😉 hee hee

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