Acceptance is NOT giving up


It’s important to note that Accepting what IS does NOT mean that you are giving up or giving in, it does NOT mean that you stop DOing or trying yOUR very best……..or achieving……evolving, or moving forward.

It simply means enJOYing wherever you are while you are there for everything “BEing there” has to offer YOU – understanding that what it has to offer YOU, is what YOU make out of “it” based upon your choice of HOW to perceive, receive and respond to “it”.

It means understanding further, in a world inundated with messages, images, communications of negativity, at times to the exclusion of the immense light, love and positivity that exists just as readily, it IS a lot easier to perceive, receive, and respond positively when we are Consciously, Deliberately CHOOSing to so DO from a positive perspective [consciously looking for the positives in our ‘now’, consciously dedicated, commited to persevere through the ‘obvious-in your face’ muck and mire in our surround and ACTively seek out the positives that also exist within our surround] which as it so happens, BEgins with acceptance.

Can you LOVE yourself as YOU are NOW? [with everything in your life as it is, in this now]

NOW is the only reality we are ever actually experiencing.

Can you let go of preconditioned barometers of judgment, of what’s considered ‘good enough’, ‘not enough’, ‘less than’, ‘more than’, etc……and LOVE your Self as YOU are, with ALL that you do or do not have, all that you have achieved or not……all that you know or not?

Can you ponder upon WHO you are from a perspective that IS bathed in LOVE, in Acceptance, compassion, understanding, grace, purpose……’Divine’ LOVE?

Can you love your life?
Can you see the blissings [blessings//gifts//positive abundance] in your life right now as it IS?

Can you even ALLOW your self to go looking for them?

Let me know what you find when you do. 😉

Blissedly BE
Radiating LOVE,

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