Your Mission for this Week IS:

Walking as LOVE

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yOUR Mission for this Week IS:
to CHOOSE NOT to take ANYthing Personally
NOT to make ANY Assumptions

**The truth of the matter is that anything that anyone is doing with relation to you that is involving you, really has to do with them. In other words, as much as you may be an influencing factor/stimulus in any given situation the choices, responses, actions, thoughts, feelings of the other have little to nothing to do with you and everything to do with where they are at in their world, what beliefs they act in accordance to.

We all operate from the point of perspective of self. If someone is for example doing something that bothers us, it is not so much that they are doing anything wrong as the fact that we are bothered by it. If we were not bothered by it, we would not determine it to be anything ‘negative’/’wrong’.

Sooooo, even if someone is being mean to you for example, straight up right to your face, the likelihood is that the individual is having a bad day or has a general low level of self esteem and self love.

Something to keep in mind when interacting with others during this little ACTivity, attempting to understand another’s behaviour and not wanting to take anything personally or make any assumptions thereto. 😀

We would LOVE to hear how yOUR week goes, so please DO come back and share with us yOUR experience of BEingness.

Radiating LOVE,

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2 Replies to Your Mission for this Week IS:

  1. Alka Govil says:

    I read all the three books of Rhonda Byrne viz. Secret, Power and Magic. These are wonderful books. I want to pass on knowledge to others in India. Pl suggest how.

  2. brain says:

    The best way to spread the word is to talk about it with everyone that you get the opportunity to so DO with by whatever means you have available to you to so do.:D

    BLISSedly BE
    Thank YOU so much for joining us here and journeying the adventure through our many love filled articles. _(l)_***

    Share the LOVE*
    BLISSedly BE

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