Words, Words, Words


Words, words, words….

I AM often tickled by others for my “seriousness or playFullness” 😉 regarding words.
“Why so serious or playFull?
Why ALL the ‘special attention’ to words??” they ask.

Spoken Language IS one of our MAIN means of CONSCIOUSLY communicating with ONE another.
That means pretty much all that we intend, everything that we feel, think, desire, [or don’t]- all that we require to BE within this world is transmitted/communicated using WORDS.

THINK BEfore you speak.
CHOOSE your words wisely.
BE Authentic with your speech ?that you may ‘stand by’ what you have said, transmitted, and utilized to represent you.

Granted, we communicate on a multitude of levels with ONE another……most of which are unseen subtle levels, some of which are silent but very visible, like body language for example.

What we have BEen taught however IS to pay attention most to those levels of communication that are the most obvious as opposed to those that are the most subtle, [which is where the magic really takes place] the main ONE BEing our use of verbally expressed language, which as many can attest DOes NOT allways communicate our truth. In fact, often times, it is due to verbal miscommunications that we find ourselves in the middle of disagreements with those we hold the most dear to us.

ALL levels of communication should BE given the gift of our Conscious Awareness, something of course we need to retrain ourselves to pay attention to, in that we have been so very well trained to pay attention to only those that are the most obvious.

All levels of communication should BE expressions of Authenticity, ensuring we are DOing what we are able to so DO to express our Truth whilst taking into consideration the individual to whom we are so expressing it to, and thus CHOOSing expressions that are of LOVE. ***

ThankFully, life IS an ever growing, expanding, transcending, evolving, learning experience and together we are redirecting our attentions to consciously and authentically communicate on all levels of our multi-dimensional BEingness with ONE another, starting of course by so DOing WHOLEistically withIN our own internal SELF communications. 😀

**Here’s a little ACTivity that can assist each of we assist ONE another in this new paradigm shift into communication consciously. 😀  
For the next 24 hours CHOOSE to pay attention to your SELF and how you are communicating.
Follow this 24 hours period by another 24 hours in which you expand your awareness to pay attention to both yourself and ALL others with whom you communicate.
**When paying attention, look WHOLEistically. In other words, look not only to the verbal communication of self or others but to their/your WHOLEistic communication, from that which is seen to that which is subtle and unseen.
At the end of each 24 hours period, write about your experience and what you noticed.
Then if you are feeling blissFully inspired, come back here and share in your observations.
And finally, repeat often. 😀

Blissedly BE
Radiating LOVE

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