Why are you?


SUPPOSING we had any CHOICE in coming here – to our Earth School, embodying these physical masterpieces we call the human body, and living this life we are living……
WHY do you think/suppose YOU CHOSE to come here?
What do you think/suppose are your reasons for choosing to come to experience this experience we call life?
What are the things you think/suppose you came here to experience, share, pARTicipate within and why?

Why IS it so important to ask these questions and give self the opportunity, patience, energy to TRUEly answer them in conscious awareness:

1. Where attention goes, energy flows……
thinking about the things we like about our life experience draws them closer to us

2. Thinking about things we like, makes us feel good…..
even if ya don’t have the things or aren’t doing the things you would surmise are your reasons for coming here, thinking about these things, using our IMAGINATION to think about things that make us happy, MAKES US HAPPY……

3. Thinking Happy thoughts, which makes us feel good provides the inspiration, stimulation and motivation to DO things in our NOW that also make us feel good that are motivated, inspired and stimulated by HAPPYness.

4. On a scientific, deductive reasoning, logical note….
if we BElieve [and with all we know about energy – the laws of life itself] that we are co-creative collaborators in our present life, that we have some input into that which we experience, that our choices in life make a difference to the life we have, one can only conclude therefore that we must have had some choice BEfore this life…….

In other words, either we are co-creators, or……..we are not.

Who’s ready to take back their co-creating powerFull abilities and live the life we intended to BE?

Radiating LOVE,

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