Which side do you hug to?


Can we DO a little experiment?

Can you go give someone a hug and take notice of which side you [and your hugee] go to, the left or the right, and then let me know here.

Here’s the hypothesis//pondering:

Soooo what I have found is that many people tend to hug ‘automatically’ via the left…in other words they move themselves to the left [their left] when going to hug someone.


when we go to hug someone and move ourselves to the right….each going to our own right, we wind up hugging, “Heart to Heart”.

My hypothesis is that BEcause we have BEen subject to the paradigm of fear consciousness for so very long, we either ‘automatically’, over time, started hugg’n to the left, away from the heart/love consciousness or were actually taught to hug to the left……by those who may have known that it was taking us away from an authentic experience of love consciousness and more into fear consciousness.

Either way it makes no difference NOW…..what DOes make a difference NOW IS our KNOWledge, awareness and conscious choice in this NOW to make decisions regarding our actions– in this case how we hug one another, to BE one that IS coming from and aligned with LOVE Consciousness which means a very simple adjustment from left sided hugs to right sided hugs.

And my hypothesis regarding is that with more and more of we hugging to the right [moving to our right when giving a hug], we will create an affect that is supporting our transcendence into LOVE Consciousness as more and more shall actually FEEL the resonance experienced from a conscious hug of Authentic Love. 😀

Can ya dig it?
Can ya hug it out with ALL ya KNOW, <3 heart to heart <3, LOVE to LOVE and then come on back and let me know how it goes? 😀

Thanks soooooo much for pARTicipating Angels. }*{

Blissedly BE
Radiating LOVE,

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