What do you love about YOU?


There IS ALLways something {s} we would like to improve upon……as much as there is the recognized knowing of the things within our self that we love the BEST and the ways we love our self to be, to do what we do when we do what we do in this experience we call life. :)

What are some of the Greatest and the SMALLest of things about yOUR SELF that YOU LOVE?

I bet there are A LOT more Greatest and Smallest to go with those and would LOVE to hear of yOURs and everyONE’s too. :)

Let’s make sharing the things we LOVE about our SELVes as easy as sharing the things we don’t. In fact, let’s make sharing the LOVE, the positives, the HAPPYness our routine, our “normal” and lift each other and ALL that IS up in energetic manifesting frequencies by LOVing SELF Openly and thus giving permission to each other to so DO too. :)

Hmmmmmmm let’s see……
Some of my Greatest and Smallest:

~BEing Mom to my Greatest Universal BLISSing, Zion
~BEing a Good Listener, empathic, intuitive and compassionate
~BEing Health Conscious, taking care of my physical vessel
~Driving when I BEcome ONE with the car
~Dancing when I BEcome ONE with the Music and express it through my physical BEingness
~Well, of course, there’s the ultimate, BEing the I in ME I LOVE mySELF to BE, whenever of course I AM so BEing, which IS really BEing the I in ME that IS WE, which IS LOVE. :)
Okay so mayBE I just listed some of the greatest…..hee hee, so, so many. 😀

What about YOU???
Please DO share the things about YOU, that YOU LOVE.…I KNOW there IS soooooooooo much…….soooo maybe CHOOSE just a few……3 or 5 and invite others to, too. :)

Let’s make this into a SELF LOVE Fest and see just how much LOVE we can Share with ONE another and send forth out into the ALL that IS WE. :)

Blissedly BE,
Radiating LOVE,

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