Wanna Change the World?


We are by nature an empathetic and compassionate species.

In other words, we intuitively feel another’s emotions, [ie: great passion, pain, joy, saddness, love, etc…] by simply BEing in AWAREness of what another IS going through….not ever having our selves to go through it.

A perfect example is when we go to the movies.
We don’t have to have ever been in a car chase, or had our lives threatened by mutant ninja turtles, flew though the air on a huge dog dragon or battled for the very existence of earth itself to feel the thrust of emotions wave through our beingness that we are watching displayed on the big screen.

Indeed, in our own lives, when we hear of something amazing or tragic happening to another, we need not ourselves be involved to “feel for” those that are.

Compassion and empathy are built in to our inherent make up as human BEings.

Thus, with respect to the commonly held notion that we “need to experience bad things or suffering to know, appreciate, and have gratitude for the good” I say a resounding, NAY.

*What we ‘need’ IS to BE educated, informed and made aware of ONE another and the plethora of lifestyles, and living conditions that exist upon our planet.

*What we ‘need’ is to be conditioned/trained/socialized/raised to foster our inherent gratitude and appreciation for the BEaYOUty and Divinity that IS ALL the Gifts we are BLISSed with….to BE naturally LOOKing for and thus appreciating the “good” that IS.

*What we ‘need’ is to foster into our rote conscious awareness and thus manifest ACTions our inherent KNOWing of the WHOLEistic Unity of our existence to and with one another and ALL that is, ever was or will BE. To foster an understanding that each and every ONE of we DOes make a difference, DOes have an affect upon the rest of the whole that is ALL and thus to BE response – able for our thoughts, feelings and ACTions.

A matter of perception……of aligning the mind withIN the heart of unconditional LOVE.

A matter of perception that makes all the difference in the world to what it is we define to be our world, our role in it and the very experience we have thereof.

Wanna change the world?
Change your perception.

Blissedly BE
Radiating LOVE,

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