Using our Fear for Good


We would all prefer to be in a state of love ALLways…….and we are transcending thereto, however…… the meantime, on our pathway there, if and when thoughts of worry arise,?do NOT get down on yourself for having the worrisome thoughts. This only perpetuates a mind set of negativity, failure, and thus fear creating a manifesting vortex thereof.

USE them instead.

**Use them, your fearfull thoughts and feelings as your bridge, your inspiration, reminder, motivation, spring board to POSITIVE thoughts, feelings and therefore ACTions.

When a worrisome thought arises associate it with your signal to go-go-go into thoughts of positivity, into uplifting thoughts, into heightened perspectives that are empowering instead of belittling. In this way, we are able to welcome the worrisome thoughts as a gift in our ascension journey and thus faciliate a mind set of gratitude and bliss. So facilitating inspires actions of like kind whilst inviting in new thoughts for new potential from the field of infinite possibility of ever increasing gratitude and bliss.

Manifesting Marvelous Magical Miracles in our life….step by step, day by day, thought by thought. 😀 ***

Radiating LOVE,

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