Transparency, sharing the greatest gift we have to share, ourselves.


Recently I wrote a letter to a friend revealing my own vulnerabilities, that I thought worthwhile to share with ALL of YOU ONEderFull Earth Angels. Intentional energy sent forth that it reaches those whom it resonates with and IS of assistance to.

Hello Angel LOVE

YOU asked me last night if I am familiar with the frustration of manifestation…….the aggravation that comes from dedicating yOUR BEingness WHOLE to BEing the radiating Light of LOVE that WE ALL ARE and NOT receiving the manifested acKNOWledgment thereto……not receiving the desired abundance of our HIGHest HAPPYness… least not as we have foreseen it to BE…..

We did NOT the opportunity to further discuss based upon our surroundings, so I wanted to take a moment and explain my answer “yes”, a little more herein. :)


I KNOW the frustration, aggravation and saddness to which YOU speak……

I have dedicated the better part of my life to fulfilling my Personal Legend as a radiating Light of LOVE for the BEnefit of ALL of WE…starting of course with me. 😉

I have left BEhind a world of capitalism where I had a very lucative career financially, to “invest”…..dedicate mySELF WHOLLY to that which I KNOW I AM here upon our Earth School to DO…..which IS to BE the Light Weaver of Radiating LOVE’s Light that IS the TRUTH of ALL of WE – that IS something we share, in conscious awareness, n’est ce pas. :)

In so DOing….leaving BEhind the financial stability [which IS never really stable ‘cuz YOU could lose yOUR $60-70-80-100 000/year job in a split second]……..I have faced my greatest fear – passed on to me through my ancestoral lineage and of course our fear based conditioning of the last millenia…….financial stability and security.

Especially BEcause what I “DO Professionally”, my Personal Legend, IS WHO I AM…….I AM an WHOLEistic  enLIGHTenment Guide Light [otherwise called Life Coach, Psychotherapist, Spiritual Advisor, Fitness Trainer, Nutritional Consultant…] I shine a Light upon others’ pathways that they may have clarity upon their journey, see where BEfore they may have not, or may have forgot. I AM as are ALL of WE a Radiating Light of LOVE – the only difference IS that I AM consciously aware thereto and have consciously CHOSEn to dedicate my entire BEingness in service thereof.

This IS ‘my calling’.

As a result……there are often times that just BEing ME….I AM giving away for free what I “DO Professionally”…….more times than NOT in fact……which means that financially, I have NOT been openly receiving my desired abundance… least not as I have foreseen it to BE…..

There are often times over the last 20 years that I have BEen living, as the saying goes “hand to mouth”…..forget about the abundance of financial freedom, vacations, shopping, restaurants, etc….etc…etc…

I have BEen on welfare, had my gaz turned off in the house, BEen late with my rent on more than one occasion, had cheques bounce, creditors call my house night and day, not BEen able to get for my son ALL the things he has desired or I have desired to BE able to provide for him…….times I have had to ask my family for assistance [not an easy or enJOYable thing for me to DO btw]……even moving back into my parent’s home at one point with my young baby.

And these examples are only with respect to one aspect [finances] of my life.  There is much within my life that I have sent forth to BE manifest that have not come to pass as yet, at least not as I have envisioned them to be……yet. 😉  I have CHOSEn to use this one aspect as it IS relevant to our conversation and can BE easily applicable to any other aspects of our life, such as our love lives, our children, friends, family, our education, or our health and well being for example.

In those moments that I DO get lost – and as a woman, I AM at least BLISSed to KNOW when my chemical make up IS more prone to hear the words of negativity……that take me out of my KNOWn reality, when I AM feeling like a failure BEcause of external barometers of success, I DO ALL I can to find a shimmer of Light…….

I go out and seek guidance from the Universe….through our ONEderFull Universal Family, seeking wherever I can guidance to assist, uplift, empower and enLIGHTen me out of my illusory misery.
I delve deeper into my own work on BEhalf of ALL.
I read my own writings and teachings.
I reach out to family and friends.
And when it IS at its worst, I DO NOTHING.
I take a step back, and just DO nothing…if need BE I sleep….to stop the mind chattering incessantly…..which OH when it gets started down any pathway…… a snow ball DOes it pick up speed along its way.

And then…..slowly but surely, I find my way back, out of the darkness into the light…I start by settling into where I AM… not fighting internally with mySELF because of where I find mySELF.….this IS where I AM…if that means living hand to mouth for example, so BE it……I AM DOing what I AM here to DO…..and I KNOW that the ONE constant IS that NOTHING IS constant, everything IS ALLways changing and any negative external circumstances I may find mySELF experiencing too shall pass. 😉

Then….I can start to look around my world and see ALL the BEaYOUty that IS.…once I stop fighting, I can relax, sit back and enJOY the things I HAVE CREATEd that I LOVE and OH the gratitude and LOVE that DOes course through me!!


Sooo humbled, honoured and BLISSed am I.

Then I remember yet again – [something we gotta keep reMINDing our SELVes ‘cuz we’ve BEen conditioned by fear to NOT remember] that who we are, the value of, worthiness, depth, meaning, gift of who we are has nothing to DO with what we have, or how much money we make or how luxurious or leisurely our life IS, but WHO WE CHOOSE to BE…..HOW we CHOOSE to BE WHO we ARE……and whether or not we are CHOOSing to BE our TRUTH…..a radiating Light of LOVE, which for me personally, as I AM assured IS obvious by my life’s CHOOSing, there IS NOTHING that I BElieve any of WE can DO that IS more valuable than to BE LOVE.

Then I BEgin to trust again in ALL that I KNOW….ALL the research I have DOne to prove ALL that I knew intrinsically as a baby…which IS that we are ALL ONE, ALL Energy, ALL LOVE and thus in so BEing shall we BE taken care of and provided for………and…..I AM able to carry on. 😉

Again…….It IS something I have to repeat over and over and over again…..just as our fear conditioning has BEen repeated to us for our entire lives…….but……with each repetition, it gets easier, another layer of fear IS cleansed, another layer of illusion unmasked, and more and more LOVE ALLOWed to flow through my BEingness and thus radiate out to the ALL that IS WE. :)

In addition to all of the above, I OPEN mySELF to the Infinite Possibilities by which I may express who it IS I AM, who it IS I love myself to BE, KNOWing that though I may have a vision thereof, my vision is limited to my personal understandings and experiences of life. Thus I let go of my personal vision, my personal definition of how my vision may BE manifest and TRUST that where it IS I find mySELF IS for my HIGHest HAPPYness, IS for my greatest Bliss and BEnefit, even if that which IS, may appear to BE exactly the opposite of that which I BElieve should BE.  Trusting in my awareness that I AM coming from a place of LOVE and thus emanating LOVE into the ALL that IS, I trust in that which IS materialized in my life to BE of LOVE and thus supporting me and my BlissFull experience of reality. I therefore seek out the GOOD in what IS, I seek out how BEing where I AM IS supporting my Personal Legend, even if on a minuscule level.

At the end of the day……..I AM very BLISSed and I AM very humbled and honoured and deeply, deeply, deeply grrrreatFull, even with ALL the perceived struggles – which I prefer to call Opportunities for HEALing and growth, for the Gift that I have to BE able to BE ME.

Intentional energy sent forth that this has BEen of some assistance to YOU Sweet Angel LOVE.

BLISSedly BE Sweet Angel LOVE

Thank YOU for assisting, uplifting, empowering and enLIGHTening ME with yOUR radiating Light of LOVE, I AM most deeply appreciative and grrrrrrreatFull to YOU for BEing YOU!

Radiating LOVE

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