To Heal the World, LOVE your Self

researching TRUTH

Ya KNOW for years I walked around with huge anger and contempt for the “powers that BE”…delving into any and ALL information I could get my hands on. I read, watched, discussed whatever, where ever I could, staying open to allow mySELF to receive ALL perspectives, viewpoints, and thus BEcoming more informed of the “inner workings” of our world. After ALL that dedicated investigation and discovery what I came up with was the following:

The BEST thing ANY of us can DO in this world to make this world a “better place” – what I call our “intended experience of BEingness” IS to DO the best we can withIN our own personal lives, to BE the I in ME we LOVE our SELF to BE.

It is thus that we DO for the BEnefit of ALL.

In other words…….
*instead of BEing angry –
*instead of imbuing more negativity into our world
*instead of FIGHTing- an endless fight of spiraling negativity which keeps us soooo occupied we miss out on ALL the other deceptions, manipulation, overall sh&! that’s going on BEfore our very eyes, whilst completely losing out on our very own experience of life itSELF……

BEcome informed of what the best practises are for living the healthiest way you can on all levels of your beingness whilst contributing to the greater good.  Start with those personal practices, ACTions, perceptual mind sets that are for yOUR own greater good first and foremost. In so DOing DO we provide for the greater good of our fellow universal family members, our Earth School, and ALL that IS, ever was or will BE.

In other words, DO yOUR best in yOUR own personal life to BE the BEST Individual affector that YOU can unto ALL.

We ALL AFFECT the world we live withIN…..sooooo CHOOSE to ensure that the affect YOU are having in ALL areas that YOU are affecting IS as fabYOUlously ONEderFull as YOU can.

***Remember those for whom many of we hold such anger and hatred to are simply another ONE of we….another brother or sister who has lost their way, consumed by the fears of our ancestory that have BEen passed along for many a millenia.

Hate brings nothing but more hate………and what’s that gotten us thus far…….

Yup, yup, yup, a lot of individuals who hear, see, and communicate with me are often times left ONEdering if this “ALL LOVE” promot’n Earth Angel may indeed BE 1 short of a full deck, comments such as “is she blind to reality with all this positivity and optimism?” come to mind….hee hee
I of course totally understand.
Alas……it IS the exact opposite.

I SEE…I have seen, I KNOW, [though what we think we KNOW is not ALLways….well……what we think we know…hee hee], I have experienced the difficulties, deceptions, manipulations…….in sooooo many different facets of life from the personal to the professional, the metaphysical to the physical……..and time and time again, [‘cuz there’s ALLways something ready to ‘drag ya in’] I come back to where I BEgan, to where we ALL BEgin……..

La la la la LOVE!!
Indeed I DO, LOVE ALL of YOU!

Blissings are sent forth unto ALL of we that we may experience our actualized reality in comfort, joy and ease, radiating love, exponentially expanding until such time as all of the fear weeds have been naturally dissipated from our experience of beingness and we are living as intended to be, one universal family of love’s light.
Do Ra Mi Fa So La Ti Do*

Radiating LOVE,

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