Think for yourself.


K, so I open my computer, go to yahoo mail, and one of the headlines is about Madge [Madonna] dressing inappropriately for her age……

Inappropriate according to who exactly?

Who exactly IS considered the “Authority” on age appropriatism? [yes* I just made up a word….I DO that… 😀 ]

And furthermore, who made them the authority and further to that, who follows their authority, ‘cuz I can tell ya I certainly do NOT……

[please share in the comments section below, thank ya very, very much.*** :D]

……and BEyond this…
what IS their intention, purpose, reason for feeding the media and other outlets of mass communication, the information that ‘they’ are….and even further beyond this, where are ‘they’ getting their information from????

At the end of the day [as the saying goes] it IS a blatant reMINDer to the rest of ‘we’, the ‘public’ to THINK for our selves….to DO that which makes us feel GOOD about ourselves [so long as it brings no harm to self or others] irrelevant of what someone else’s standards may BE…..

Way to go Madonna*** for BEing a shining example of SELF LOVE*

Blissedly BE
Radiating LOVE,

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