The shrinking divide between Fear and LOVE


K, soooo fawny thang…..[or not so funny…..depending on yar perspective but definitely worthy of our pondering ;D ]

The more ‘aware’, ‘conscious’ we BEcome of life, in our day to day living, starting of course with our SELVes, the greater the divide may appear between ourselves BEing LOVE and BEing fear…..even though that divide IS indeed ‘shrinking’//even though ‘the range’ between us BEing love or being fear IS diminishing.

Sounds Crazy, here we are being more loving to self, others, our very planet, and yet feeling like we are being less loving, crazy…..yet for many, it is very true.

This of course IS a factor of our fear based consciousness//conditioning//training//socialization//brainwashing.
Allow me to explain:

We are taught, all of us, all around our BEaYOUtyFull planet, to BE very judgemental of self….to be very hard on self, to seek out where we can improve instead of where we are improving or better yet, where we are BEing the I in me we LOVE SELF to BE.

In other words… our LOVE expands… our CHOOSing to BE LOVE grows in depth, consistency, clarity, etc… can appear that when we are ‘not BEing LOVE’…..when we are coming from a position of fear, that we are so DOing more so than we actually are.

hee hee hee
talk about gett’n tongue tied, huh?
hee hee

This IS BEcause we are BEcoming that much MORE AWARE and therefore Conscious of our ACTions and BEingness and therefore when NOT BEing LOVE that much more attuned thereto.

Do NOT get lost in self deprecating thoughts.
Trust me I know how easy it is to so do, and trust me as well when I tell ya that it does nothing positive for us to so DO.

As ALLways – and TRUEly……ALLways……in ALL situations……focusing on the Light, on the LOVE expands there upon [as it does in the reverse…focusing in the fear] and thus when we DO find ourselves having negative thoughts, feelings, participating in actions that are based in fear as opposed to love, instead of getting more down on self for so DOing, we should recognize the opportunity for growth presented to self and take advantage of said opportunity to pour even more LOVE and Light into the specific situation, feelings, thoughts, actions relating thereto.

In other words……
if ya find yar self having negative thoughts, feelings, etc…. USE them as a BRIDGE to positive ones and thus transcend them from something to feel bad about to something to embrace in gratitude and transcend into LOVE. 😀

These times [when we’re feel’n yucky] are also grrrreat opportunities to try out some of the new tips, tricks, tools and resources we have been learning, picking up on, hearing about, and sharing for just these purposes. For example, ya may have read an article recently a friend shared about the benefits of conscious breathing…..well….what better time to take it for a test drive then when we are feeling the need for balancing the most.

***Special Note***

I KNOW and know that you KNOW this IS what I DO professionally, [provide guidance, whole-istic life coaching, psychotherapy, shine a light upon other’s pathways, provide assistance to others upon their journey to self love] however it IS VERY IMPORTANT that YOU KNOW that whilst I DO this for others, DO I so DO for mySELF. 😉

We are ALL children of the ‘voice of love’……living in a world conditioned by fear consciousness, and coming into our authenticity of love consciousness. Yes, we are ALL transcending.

The guidance I provide for others [assisting, uplifting, empowering, enLIGHTening] ALLways provides like wise for SELF……..we are ONE and journeying this adventure together.*** 😀

In depths of gratitude and LOVE,
Blissedly BE Angels

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