The Question….the Choice


Every Shadow has a Light,
Every Light has a Shadow.

The question IS which shall YOU ALLOW expression through this our physical conduit of BEingness,?? and…..??in/for/through what nature shall it BE expressed?

?*****For many “Shadow” refers to the “negative” in so far as we have termed/perceived ‘the negative’/’bad’ to BE.{as opposed to a negative or passive electrical frequency which is neither good or bad, 😉 for example}

But just think momentarily…….
how would we ALL KNOW of the ONEderous imagining PLAY available through Shadow Puppetry if not for Shadows???


in everything IS our CHOOSing of how to Perceive~Receive~Respond,

Blissedly BE
Radiating LOVE,
~Blissings unto ALL of we, may ALLways we BE Breathing easy….BEing LOVE.~

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