The Art of the unKNOWn


It’s okay NOT to KNOW…..

Yup, you heard right…it’s okay NOT to KNOW…to simply surrender the need to know to the NOW you find your self withIN.

Worry comes from the “not knowing” it is not about what IS, but what “may be”. Stop ONEdering, stop worrying and simply BE where you are in Agape Love.

Allow yourself to let go of thoughts of what may be unless those thoughts are thoughts of positivity, thoughts that are uplifting, inspiring and motivating to you. Otherwise, allow yourself to simply be in the now of your experience.

This is how we BEgin to retrain the brain and realign the mind to the point that we are in fact thinking positive, uplifting thoughts whenever thinking about what ‘may be’.

Wherever we find our self, we affect by the energy vibration-our thoughts, feelings, actions, state of BEingness- we are emitting, and thus inspire our next experience.

Our goal is to get out of fear based thinking, and thus fear based energy emissions into love based thinking and thus, you got it, love based energy emissions. Thus are we DOing all that we can to attract into our continued experience of BEingness situations which inspire our highest HAPPYness manifest.

Life IS a co-creative collaborative interplay between us and everything else that ever was, is or will BE. This is why we ‘never know’ forsure what our next now shall be, as there are infinite possibilities and affecting factors involved. However, one of the biggest affecting factors in our own personal experience of life is, of course, as ALLways, our self. How are we choosing to experience life? What interpretations, meanings, definitions, perceptions are we choosing to focus upon, attribute to, make use of?

Let’s DO our part to consciously manifest our highest HAPPYness, shall we.

Radiating LOVE

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