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Wanting to embrace the shifts that are happening, wanting to embrace positive shifts in my own life experience, I chose to DO something that I have BEen wanting to DO, but have BEen too afraid to DO for decades and I feel sooooooooooo Good about it.

Getting the momentum going helps A LOT when YOU DO something to assist in that direction.

“Something”, keep in mind, can BE as simple a ‘something’ as changing your outlook, your perspective, choosing to embrace another interpretation, attribute a different meaning to any given situation where normally you may see it in only one way.

It’s amazing what can happen in life with a simple change of view.

Becoming Open, in other words, to the infinite possibilties that DO abound and thus aligning your harmonic frequency to so welcome into your manifest reality that which you desire to be.

Try this out for size.
Choose anything big or small in your life that is ‘causing you stress’ in any way, shape, or form, from mild irritation to piercing stabs of pain.

Now, imagine how you would prefer the situation to be, how the others involved [if there are others] would act in a scenario of your preference.

Now…….choose to see how the scenario as it is can fit into your preferred version or more apropro see examples within the current situation that emulate in some way the situation as you would prefer it to be.

Can you find any?
DO Look. (o)~(o)
Sometimes it IS easier than others……but…….guaranteed, there IS ALL~ways something there that you can see in a brighter, more harmonizing, aligned light, guaranteed.

yOUR Greatest Relationship IS with yOUR SELF

Here’s a quick example…. [which you may or may not be able to relate your specific ‘thing’ to…..hopefully though it touches a depth of knowing within you. 😀 ]

There is someone who rubs you the wrong way.

Wanting to “BE LOVE” and experience a life that is filled with happyness as opposed to feeling like yar being rubbed the wrong way, you choose to change your perspective, your interpretation of the individual and the situations you find yourself within when in their company.

You choose to see that this person is providing you an opportunity to be love and more over, is rubbing you the wrong way because they are uncomfortable with themselves and thus reflecting this discomfort back to you, causing you to associate with feelings of your own discomfort with self which is then projected back onto the source itself negatively the individual, instead of compassionately.

Make sense?

They are mirroring things within you that you don’t feel comfortable with yourself. If you could recognize what those things are within self and love them or conversely look unto the mirrored reflection – the individual who is facing you, through eyes of love, that within you causing you discomfort would dissipate as would the feeling of being rubbed the wrong way.

So in addition to having the understanding of the situation from a different heightened perspective of Authenticity and compassion is the choice to also elevate feelings towards this person even more so and see if they are in your life, they are so with purpose and that purpose is one of LOVE. CHOOSing to see that they are here in your life to assist them to love them self as well as assisting you love your self and be love.

Their presence is offering the opportunity for you to be an example for self but also……….for them.

Seeing their presence in your life [here you would insert any presence of discomfort in your life] as opportunity not punishment, a gift not a sentence, a blissing not a curse.

[**please note we are talk’n about someone ‘rubb’n you the wrong way’ not smacking you around or harassing you in any way, shape, or form- RESPECT babay……]

You uplift them at the very same time as you uplift yourself.
And thus the entire situation is uplifted and experienced as something entirely new.

Ahhhhhh the magnificence of we, to create a life of mystical fantasy simply by choosing to so be.

Blissedly BE
Radiating LOVE,

Blissings we ALL choose to so BE* ;D

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