Self Loathing


We tend to get caught up in fighting with our self, in self loathing for not being good enough, doing enough, making mistakes, taking a wrong turn, etc….etc….etc….however…..we never know WHY we mayBE SHOULD have taken that wrong turn, made that “mistake” – what “divine intervention” may BE playing a role in ensuring that which “should BE” manifest actualized IS.

Purrrhaps in making that mistake, or taking that wrong turn, you avoided uncertain death, catastrophe, or perhaps in so DOing you assisted another in avoiding the same, another you may never have known and may never know, but the mere fact that you took that wrong turn and were not where you had intended to be just shifted another’s entire life.

The point IS, we do NOT see the rippling affects of our BEingness.…we do NOT know and sooooooooo it IS BEST for our psyche, our emotional, physical, mental, and spiritual well BEing to not hold on to negative feelings associated with that which we perceive to be ‘mistakes’, to let go that we may carry on in light and love……for in truth the BEST we can DO for anyONE starting with self of course, ;D IS to BE LOVE.

In Lak’ech Ala K’in
Radiating LOVE,


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