Practise makes purrrrfect.*

the LIGHT of Our LOVE

The “trick” with respect to our thoughts and emotions IS to maintain a certain level of detached observation so that we can consciously choose which direction we want to allow ourselves to ‘delve’ into further and thus express publicly for all others to hear and see.

As you KNOW, any emotion and/or thought we delve into EVEN in SILENCE IS actually FELT by others whether verbally or physically expressed – we are afterall Energetic BEings n’est ce pas…..

We can ALL “feel” when we have stepped into a happy or sad place without nary a word spoken or gaze provided…..

Of course it CAN be difficult to not become consumed with whatever thoughts or emotions happen to BE passing by our mind’s eye…..and this, THIS IS the FOCUS of our LEARNING right NOW [or unlearning or remembering or ascending or transcending or enlightening, take yar pick same same….]

Soooo this IS where we ALL wanna BE focusing our conscious attention……on detaching a little bit more and more each day from the thoughts and emotions coming our way sooooo that we may make the CONSCIOUS CHOICE as to which we would like to ‘invest’ withIN.
**A key bit of info. to assist any with this ‘homework assignment’ IS to keep in mind that NO thought, NO emotion IS ours until we Choose to own it as our own.
**Remember, we are connected to everything that IS, ever was or will BE, which means we have streams of consciousness coming through us that are NOT necessarily of our own creation. The magic really happens right here.…where we make the decision as to which of the thoughts and emotions streaming through us are our own and thus ACT upon them accordingly. Indeed, this IS where the Magic of BEing we really manifests. 😉

And of course, WE ALL KNOW that the thoughts and emotions that are healthiest for us, that promote healthy lives, relationships and experience of life itSELF are those that are based withIN LOVE.

Have YOU DOne yOUR practis’n? yOUR homework today???
Practise makes purrrrfect.*

Blissedly BE
Radiating LOVE

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