Owning our Divinity

Speaking LOVE

Okay here IS our “mission” for the day…..evening….week…. hee hee hee

Instead of attempting to look at all the things we wish to heal, ascend or transcend…..

Instead of attempting to figure out what our negative patterns, habits or fears may be, and where they are derived from…..

Instead of focusing on healing at all let’s go straight to the finish line and focus on our DIVINITY.

Yup…..c’est tout…..just focus on the FACT that YOU are God/dess…….
You are Divine
You are Bliss
You are LOVE

Let this BE our daily mantra for the next …….. and see how so DOing affects our BEing. 😀

La la la la LOVE*

***PLEASE DO………..SHARE your experience with me and everyONE here on my wall so we may mutually inspire, motivate and support one another. 😀

Radiating LOVE,

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