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Whether you believe in “Pronoia” or not…..- the concept that ALL IS here to SUPPORT us….                                         [which means if we have negative thoughts all will support those as easily and swiftly as our positive ones……think about it….]

let’s for Today CHOOSE to simply Think that everything and everyONE supports us LOVingly….that the support we receive from ALL IS support [regardless of our own thinking or what may appear to be obviously NOT supporting….] that IS for our HIGHest HAPPYness…..

and to so DO, BEgin with those that are closest in our lives, our family and friends…….co-workers, acquaintances, and expand out from there…..even if appearances dictate something different, imagine that all that is, IS TRUEly for yOUR HIGHest good and HAPPYness.

For example, you may have a boss that’s mean, a sibling that likes to tease and taunt you, etc…..
Imagine for TODAY that, kinda like when someone is throwing you a surprise party and YOU KNOW they are witholding something from you but not what,….that those who are not necessarily as nice to YOU as can BE are so, so that ya don’t ‘catch on’ to the FACT that they are really here FOR YOU, to assist, uplift, empower, and enLIGHTen you…..even if ya can’t see it or feel it, they ARE. Imagine that all the perceived ‘bad’ in your life is actually a GIFT for your greatest good…..that all the ‘mean’ people in your life are actually guardian Angels doing what they are doing to assist you in ways you simply can not see or understand. Try it…at least just for today.

See how that affects yOUR day, yOUR self and then come back here and PLEASE DO Share. 😀

Bliss Bliss Bliss
Radiating LOVE,

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