Metaphysics made physical


To surrender our fear that we may WHOLLY submit to our LOVE’s Light IS the Greatest of things we can DO. :)

Until we have evolved into our homo luminous BEingness, into our heightened state of transcended perceptual awareness to SEE physically MORE of that which IS currently unseen to our physical sensory BEings due to millenia of conditioning…..which has taught us to ignore and further distrust within that which IS of the subtle, fundamental, quintessential essence of our BEingness, it IS that we need to completely surrender in TRUST and BElief thereto….to our Unseen WHOLEistic “higher” [soul~god~source~energy~intuition~LOVE] SELF.

In other words, even though we may NOT currently have the honed skills to physically see and interACT with the metaphysical aspects of SELF and ALL that IS, ever was or will BE, until such time as we DO, as we most certainly shall, we must as the saying goes, “fake it ’til we make it’. We must give in, give over, let go, dive in, submerge our selves withIN that which we KNOW intrinsically, and feel intuitively. One could even say we need to BEcome as fanatical about BEing LOVE, about BElieving in the unseen affects of our BEingness as we have about our worries thereto.

ONEderFully enough we are of an age NOW where NOT only IS our TRUTH known intrinscially, felt intuitively and BEing spoken by the Ancients, Spiritualists, and Light Weaving Healers but by our Scientific breathern as well. 😉

Proof….physically…..seen microscopically.

YES indeed…..the Unseen has BEcome seen…… IS NOW for ALL of WE to simply let go of the ILLUSORY let go of our fears of the unKNOWn, of the unseen, and accept that which IS!  Even if ya can’t see it.

Letting go with each of thee, my fear based conditioning. DOing my best to BE the Light of LOVE that IS our truth WHOLEistically, for the more of we so DOing the easier for ALL others to so DO.***

Radiating LOVE,

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