Making the unseen seen as we wish it to BE

Seeing ALL through LOVE's eyes

For most of us, we know NOT what tomorrow shall bring….. [yet 😀 ]

Soooooooo having said that, having acKNOWledged and accepted that, let us put forth our own “energy signature” that what tomorrow shall bring shall BE for our HIGHest HAPPYness made manifest withIN our consciously aware experience of BEingness, shall we. 😀

We can BE putting our focus, directing our collaboratively co-creating energy in ANY direction we so please……sooooooo let US consciously direct that energy to AWEsomeness…..regardless of what we “see” today……

ALLOW yOUR SELF to give energy to the feeling that you would feel if everything in your life came together purrrrrfectly for you, ALLways.

I DO understand how difficult this can BE, even though it is but a choice of thought to which we speak, if our lives are not ‘going’ quite the way we had envisioned them to BE. When things do not appear to BE manifesting in our favour, if our personal lives aren’t as fulfilling, our professional lives aren’t as successful, our physique not as healthy as we wish them all to BE. And yet, it IS in these very situations, of perceived ‘less than’ and ‘not enough’ that CHOOSing to focus our minds upon thoughts that instill feelings of bliss, success, gratitude and abundance that we have the greatest opportunity to incite the changes we DO wish to BE.

The quote “change BEgins withIN” is NOT just a meaningless or nice sounding cliché. It IS a statement of TRUTH. If there are things in our lives that are NOT what or where we want them to BE or more apropos to state, things we wish to BE, whether it’s a mutually affectionate intimate relationship, children, specific employment or just the opportunity to take a walk in the twilight in relaxed appreciation, ALLOWing SELF to have thoughts of ourselves DOing these things, experiencing that which we wish to BE and therefore FEEL what it would BE like to have these things manifest in our lives, IS the foundation, the engine of our evolution, the key to their manifestation.

ALL things that are manifest physically have their BEginning, their foundation, their spark of realization withIN the unseen, withIN the CHOICE withIN each of WE as to which of our thoughts and feelings we shall invest our focused attention upon.

Choose to allow yourself to think thoughts regarding yourself and your life as you wish it to BE. Allow yourself to linger within these thoughts long enough to feel what life feels like with all it IS that you are wishing to BE manifest in your life. How does it make you feel? What does it look like? Visualize and imagine often. The more we so DO the easier and faster DOes that which we are visualizing and imagining blossom into manifest BEingness.

**Special Note: regarding manifesting our thoughts [visualizations] into BEingness….

It is important to keep in mind as specific as our visions may be, there are an INFINITE number of ways for them to actually BE made manifest. Therefore, it IS also important to keep your eyes open and seek out//look for examples of that which YOU are manifesting, for it may very well BE presented in ways YOU never thought possible. 😀 [and generally those ways are much, much better than ever imagined.]

In Gratitude, Grace, comfort, ease and Joy,

BLISSedly it IS*

**Special Note**
It IS important to recognize and ACCEPT that we have been conditioned to look for the potential ‘down falls’ if you will, the things we should be ‘worried’ about…..and as a result, no matter how positive one may be or wish to be, especially as we live in a world that is still highly bathed in negativity….in fear based thinking, that if and when any negative based thoughts do occur, we do NOT get upset with self for those thoughts, we do not get down on self for having them or even giving our attention to them.


USE them for our HIGHest HAPPYness by CHOOSing to make them into Signals of Opportunity to HEAL/transform/transcend/ascend/alchemize our negative thoughts into positive ones.

See them as invitations to BE Positive, to recognize where withIN SELF we are NOT “BEing LOVE” and thus the AWEsome gift that these thoughts actually bring to DO just that….”BE LOVE”. 😀

And of course as with anything and everything in our lives, from learning to walk and talk to making love, practise makes purrrfect. 😀

Radiating LOVE,

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