LOVing SELF IS an WHOLEistic affair


BEing Healthy IS tantamount to ANYthing else in life.

As we all know from times we have been ill, ya don’t get much accomplished, don’t “Live Life” too much when yar feel’n yucky from illness.

BEing Healthy IS a WHOLEistic affair, affecting not only your personal health, longevity, abilities, & quality of life but ALL those whom are withIN your personal circle, affected by YOU in some way, shape or form.

What are YOU DOing to “BE Healthy WHOLEistically”?

WHOLEistic Health means yar taking care of yOUR WHOLE BEing, body, mind and soul…..

Our bodies require healthy energy to sustain…..thus it IS HIGHLY RECOMMENDED when CHOOSing the foods you allow entrance into your body, you choose as whole, raw, and untreated as possible.
Read labels on ALL foods you purchase, the healthier foods have lists/ingrediants that YOU CAN Understand……

Our bodies also require that we USE them both anaerobically and aerobically.
It IS recommended that you pARTipate in:

~aerobic ACTivities 5x/week for at least 20 minutes – 40 minutes. [3x/week should be 30 – 60 minutes].

~anaerobic/strength training/weight lifting ACTivities a minimum of 3x/week – 3 sets comprised of 3 different exercises each btwn 10 – 20 reps/exercise or a total of 9 exercise movements repeated 10x each.

Our minds require ACTivity as well, the more we exercise our minds the ‘longer’ and more sharp shall they be.

pARTicipation in ACtivities that stimulate the brain such as word puzzles, chess, math games, memory games, in-depth conversations/ponderings, learning new information, tasks, etc…. should BE part of our daily routine.

Our souls require our attention as well…..pARTicipating in “spiritual practises” such as yoga, meditation, communing with nature, practising an attitude of gratitude, journaling, sharing in loving exchanges, doing what we can to be conscious, to act in awareness, to transcend the fear consciousness of our ancestors into the love consiousness of our descendents should also BE part of our daily routine.

**Remember yOUR health IS important to not just YOU but ALL those whom love and cherish you.

**Important to note**

As with ALL things in life, we would love to be “purrfect” in our care for SELF and DO ALL we can to maintain a healthy state of homeostasis.

Having said that, for some this IS a far greater challenge/opportunity for growth than others.

For those for whom BEing Healthy IS a great challenge, keep in mind DOing something – ANYthing IS BETTER than DOing nothing at ALL.

Soooo take baby steps….if doing strength training 3x/week for example seems too much, start off with 1x/week. If doing 3 sets feels like too much, start off with 2 or even 1.


The more you do the easier it gets and the HEALTHIER you BEcome and everyONE in your life will BE most deeply thankFull to YOU for so DOing.

LOVing SELF IS an WHOLEistic affair which BEnefits ALL of WE.**

LOVE SELF today and BEgin. 😀

Blissedly BE
Radiating LOVE,

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