Living with regret or Living LOVE


Funny isn’t it……how the things we don’t give a second thought to can resonate so deeply with another, like for example the words we choose to use, the ways in which we communicate, the actions we take….

We may think nothing of a statement we make in the company of others and yet amongst the ‘others’ is one who takes your statements to heart and remembers them for years to come.

Of course, we may think everything of a statement which none see any depth or significance to at all.

To say we should BEcome “more conscious” of our words IS YES, definitely recommended – as BEing conscious about anything IS better than not, however,… the truth IS that however conscious and how ever much care [careFull] we take with our words, actions and BEingness, there will ALLways BE someONE who may BE offended, not care, take our expressions the ‘wrong way’ or to mean way more than that which was intended.

Soooo what to DO, what to DO….

The bestest thing we can DO in any and ALL situations IS to BE LOVE – however we interpret that to BE from an Authentic Perspective~~~BEing Consciously Aware of SELF and thus CHOOSing to BE the I in ME we LOVE our SELF to BE. 😀 [even if it doesn’t resonate with everybody…….]

Bliss Bliss Bliss***

Radiating LOVE,

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