Let your Light Shine by ‘Seraphina Knows’

Let your Light Shine

Originally published on Facebook by “Seraphina Knows” I loved it soooo much, simply had to share with ALL of YOU ONEderFull Earth Angels Divine. enJOY*  ;D

Let Your Light Shine

When we want the world to shine on us, we first need to let our own light shine on and in the world.
When we want our dreams to come true we first need to help others make their dreams come true.
When we want those little extras we first have to give a little extra away.
When we want peace and understanding we first have to give others peace and understanding.

Too often we humans tend to think in reverse. We think “when I win the lottery THEN I will help others”. Or, when someone loves me unconditionally THEN I can love them back unconditionally.

But the truth is, first we give, then we receive. In that order.

And the more we give the more we will receive. Only there is a catch.

We must give wholly and without either reserve or expectation.

Because it is in the INTENT that the universe hears and responds. If we are thinking of ourselves when we are doing good for others then it is the selfish intent that sends the strongest energy. And it is then that energy that is returned, meaning selfishness is set in a mode of lack – not abundance. Focus energy on lack and we keep lacking. So doing something good for another simply because we are wanting back, or holding back in fear of running out, sends only negative energy and the law of “you receive what you give” backfires on us. So, we must set aside selfish or personal gain when we in any way help others. We must not think “if I “give” this, then the universe “owes” me that”!

We must act with honesty and integrity and without expectation of return.

One last twist.

We must also always KNOW the universe will supply more than we could ever hope for if we just TRUST in Divine Intention and Intervention.

This is not a state of expectation which reflects a lack that needs filling. Instead this is a state of constant gratitude for all we have whatever that may be. In all areas of our lives. Shelter, food, family, friendship and above all, love. Trust in the truth that shining our own light freely and without reserve will light up our lives brighter than the stars in heaven.
So let our lights SHINE ON!!!
Sending oceans of light, love and blessings to all as always.

I love you! Pass it on!

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