Leap into the ONEderland of our Authenticity

Infinite Possibilities of Bliss

Amazing how a “little thing” like how we choose to interpret our experience of life can change absolutely everything huh???

Indeedy DO.

Insanity my friends…that which we deem ‘dream land’ IS indeed enLIGHTenment.…….and just a slight alteration of the mind’s eye’s perception. Just a little nod of the head in the right direction and everything changes from bleak to blissFull.


Time to take a walk on the wild side…..to let go of ALL of the constraits and restraints that our fears have placed upon us….time to “walk the tight rope of insanity” and take the leap into the ONEderland of our BlissFull creations….

Nothing IS real except that which we deem ‘real’ to BE.  What you see as blue skies another sees as a reflection of our 70+% waters of the Earth.  Where one focuses on all that needs to BE fixed, another focuses on ALL that IS BEaYOUty and Divinity, and the life experience between the two could not further BE.  Time to stop listening to what someone else tells us IS ‘real’ and make the conscious choice of our gifted free will to choose that which IS real to us, that which IS BEneficial for us to CHOOSE to see as real, ‘cuz hahney, when it comes to our day to day experience of life, ALL that matters IS what we CHOOSE to BElieve.  The choice of which shall BE our own reality, IS as ALLways, our own to CREATE.

What choice shall YOU make?

Remember, even if for yOUR entire life, right up to this very instance YOU have chosen to see the glass as half empty, YOU CAN choose right NOW to see the glass as half full and transform your life forever more.

Take the leap with me into the insanity of our authenticity and embrace the BEaYOUty of this experience we call life as intended to BE for each and every ONE of we, blissFull, divine, ONEderFull serenity ensconsed withIN an adventurous journey of playFull community.

“I am not crazy. My reality is just different than yours.” Anonymous

Blissedly BE
Radiating LOVE,

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