InterACTive Interdependence

InterACTive interdependence

Communication IS key.

We are a “social species” in fact, ALL that IS, IS interACTive and interdependent upon each other from the minerals deep in our Earth School’s core to the shimmering stars in our cosmos.

InterACTion IS Communication.

CHOOSing to so DO through LOVE and patience, in calm, relaxed states of BEing ALLOWs for Smooth Sailing: clear skies, clear minds, and open hearts.

And……when we don’t for shall there BE times that we won’t respond through love and patience until we have fully adopted a new habitualized fashion of BEing, LEARN from the experience.  Instead of ignoring, repressing or attempting to sweep under the carpet our disagreements, conflicts, arguements, and ACTions that are NOT based in LOVE and patience, understanding and compassion, USE them to assist in diminishing such experiences in the future.

There is no point living in denial.  We are living in a world that currently thrives on conflict.  The biggest industries the globe over are dedicated to such.  In that WE ARE Interconnected, none go unaffected by the current state of affairs. Really, there’s no escaping it.  We DO however have a CHOICE as to how we want to and how we shall conduct ourselves in our personal lives.  Though we have been subject to thousands upon thousands of years of fear based conditioning, training us to constantly be in a state of fight or flight we CAN and we DO have the ability to alter this conditioning.  Just like breaking any bad habit, it takes dedication and commitment and the persevering decision to stick with it and just like with any new habit we are fostering, when we so DO, it becomes easier and easier until finally it is second nature, as natural as was the bad habit we have let go and replaced.

Blissings unto ALL of we for minds full of LOVE, engaging in open communication with our hearts and manifesting in actualized physicality our highest happyness ALLways. _(l)_

In Lak’ech Ala K’in

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