Inspirations for Pondering

The Magic of Inspiration

Once YOU have had the opportunity to read and purrrhpas re-read the following inspirations for pondering, and then pondered there upon, it would BE most AWEsomely deLIGHTFull to hear from you [in the comments section below] what may have inspired you most, what thoughts, feelings, insightFull wisdom of yOUR own you have to share with respect thereto. 😀 Thank ya, thank ya, thank ya Angels. }*{

Inspirations to Ponder upon:

**Fear enters stage left……
Divine Truth awaits center stage for your embrace….
Upon which DO YOU CHOOSE to shine your mind’s spotlight?

**Healthy Living IS an WHOLEistic affair….body, mind and soul.
What are you feeding each?
How are you exercising each?
How are you BEing LOVE to and through each?

**It IS unto SELF that we are the greatest punishers or the greatest gifters……
gift yOUR SELF the Gift of LOVE 😀

**Choosing Happy Thoughts produces Happy Feelings….

**Breaking a habit whether of action or thought takes committed persistence and the resolution that even if we ‘fall’ we keep get back on track.

**When we stop fighting what is or is not ?we Allow our selves to relax, ?to lean into the ISness of our situation ?and thus ?to BE Open to the infinite possibilities that exist to ?move us BEyond our situation.

**NO, there IS NO Magic Pill…BUT! We ARE ALL POWERFull and once we so realize, there is NO need for magic pills we are ALL the Magic we need!

**Healthy Relationships are built upon Healthy Communication~ upon active listening and consciously responding instead of cajoling and reacting.

**Choice, every single moment of every single moment we have choice……
fear or love,
love self or punish self,
love all or fear all,
Choose to

And when ALL members of our Universal Family CHOOSE LOVE over Fear so shall BE ALL of WE living as intended to BE, in PeaceFull LOVing Serenity enJOYing a fabYOUlous adventurous, party’n journey. 😀

Blissedly BE
Radiating Twinkles and Sprinkles of LOVE’s Light,

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